Walker Lukens: Never Understood EP

In a city bursting with creative energy, Walker Lukens has begun to shine with supernova luminosity. The Austin-based, alt-pop songwriter set the summer off with the video debut of hit single ‘Lifted’ from his upcoming EP, Never Understood, out Oct 14th via Modern Outsider. The 4-track EP was produced by Spoons drummer, Jim Eno, at his Public Hi Fi studio in Austin and recorded with Lukens’ backing band, The Side Arms.

Lukens, determined to make America ‘lifted’ again, gets straight to the point with EP opener, ‘Jacket On Ya Shoulders’, a densely textured, bluesy rock number filled with rattling percussion, jangling tambourines and a well-placed, sporadic splash of swollen strings. ‘Lifted, the EP’s heavy-hitting single is enticingly eerie with looping background howls and a thick bassline all pulled together by Luken’s distinctive vocal distortion and a catchy hook. The haunting creaks and muffled intro of ‘The Touch’ lead to some dark assumptions before the most vibrant and funky jam of the EP kicks in with synthesized keys and wonderfully chaotic electronics. Lukens closes the EP with the soulful title track that features a pleasant dose of Eno on the keys.

There’s nothing subtle about Never Understood. The EP is bold, adventurous and sensory ‘lifting.’

Catch Walker Lukens and The Side Arms at 3TEN Austin City Limits Live on Oct 14th for the Never Understood release party.




Photo Credit: Chris Corona

Written by: Douglas Leach (Douglas@trackrambler.com)

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