Rambler Playlist March 13th

This week’s playlist is all local and loCal artists jammed packed with funky soul and psychedelic pop.

I’ve had CAPYAC’sDisco Muse’ on repeat all friggin’ weekend. This smooth, infectiously groovy track is soul consuming and pleasantly mood altering. ‘Disco Muse’ is from the duo’s debut album, Headlunge, released last June. It’s a nu-disco slow jam doused in sexy soul and polished with a jazz coating. Slightly more mellow than CAPYAC’s usual dance-inducing flare, but just as delightful and captivating.

Los Angeles producer/vocalist Elohim is a top artist to watch in 2017. Her euphoric sound  is unapologetic and authentic, blending elements of Chopin, Hendrix and Radiohead. ‘Love is Alive’ is a brand new, collaborative track between Elohim and dance-pop duo Louis The Child. The dreamy track features Elohim’s signature euphonic vocals and an enchanting hook layered over a strumming bassline and luscious echoes.

Congratulations to the just crowned Austin Music Awards’ ‘Best New Band/Female Vocalist’ Jane Ellen Bryant. The Americana-rock songstress has had somewhat of a meteoric year since dropping her debut EP, Twenties, back in July. Her latest track, ‘All In My Head’, is a little more thick and soulful then JEB’s rockier hit, ‘Twenties’. However, her spirituous voice is as bold and sultry as ever.

Psychedelic rockers, Foxygen, lit up Conan O’ Brien’s stage when the duo consisting of singer Sam France and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Rado performed their latest hit, ‘Follow the Leader,’ backed by a total 16-member ensemble. This funky 70’s-era American Bandstand-esque jam from the duo’s Hang album is packed with a symphony orchestra and textured to the core. It’s a lavish arrangement feature big brass, popping percussion and sweet backing vocals behind France’s leading sass.


Posted by: Douglas Leach (Douglas@trackrambler.com)


Photo credit: Daniel Cavazos (Jane Ellen Bryant)

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