Dallas R&B Hybrid Producer Ish-D Premiers ‘Holding Aces’ Video Ft. Lakei Day

Dallas’ hottest new arrival, Ishmael Davison, aka Ish D, is bringing a new hybrid age to urban music. The 24-year old producer/songwriter/engineer fuses provocative R&B with House elements and unorthodox songwriting into a genre bending, trance inducing experience.

His first lead single, ‘Holding Aces’ featuring Lakei Day, is a sensual tribute to love and lovemaking. “Holding Aces is about what it feels like to fall in love,” Ish says, “and it’s a smashup of things that I love musically.” The video focuses primarily on Lakei Day and her evocative vocals layered over smooth R&B keys. The beat gradually pulsates leading into a House vibe dancing through the chorus. “The video is dedicated to my other half, who’s a dancer,” Ish Claims. “I figured she’d enjoy it.” ‘Holding Aces’ was written while Lakei was head-over-heels in love and Ish D does a fantastic job capturing that emotion with this salacious track.

‘Holding Aces’ is now available for purchase on iTunes and the artist’s website.




Written by: Douglas Leach (Douglas@trackrambler.com)

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