CO/NTRY Release New Single ‘Cash Out’

Enigmatic, inexplicable and impossible-to-Google band ‘Country’ have had a make-over. Taking the stage as a slightly more distinguishable Co/ntry with their new single ‘Cash Out’, the Montreal-based duo weren’t exactly what I expected.

Synthesized vocals and what can only be described as a vaguely piano-esque overlay that would make a-ha jealous, the pair aren’t exactly what I’d call ‘post-punk’, as their social media dubs them. More like synth-pop meets the 80’s on a dark, street corner.

Welcome the pronounced noughties-beat and listen as it gives way to the promise of a retro sound. It feels old but exciting, and then you hear the eccentric, isolated vocals.
Band members, Beaver Sheppard and David Whitten, concocted this single during a low Sheppard found himself in after working 100 hours a week in a restaurant; something, I’m sure, a lot of the listeners can relate to. Something we can’t relate to, though, is the unrecognizable lyrics that fill ‘Cash Out’ – a little bit of a wail mixed with their own special kind of sound; the boys recorded this song for themselves. I don’t think they particularly care what we have to say, and I love it. It’s a deadly combat against the conformity of music, they don’t care and they shouldn’t have to.

I picture either Marty McFly dancing to this track, or Fry from Furterama; but in that one episode about his dog, you know the one I mean. There is no in-between for me. I guess, what I’m trying to say, is the 80’s are making a comeback, and they’ll be at SXSW this year just not caring – and maybe in latex.

An abundance of synthesizers in tow, the boys will be doing what they do best and performing their music with that perfect dosage of sleaze; they are known for donning bondage, after all. But whatever they wear, it’s bound to be a pretty interesting display and I wouldn’t want to miss it.

Catch Co/ntry during SXSW on the March 17th at Swan Dive, in the midst of their tour across America this month and look out for the full track list, released on April 14th. This band is full of surprises, and I’m counting down the days to hear the rest of the album.

Tour dates:
17/03/17 – SXSW – Swan Dive – Pop Montreal Showcase – 1am – Austin, TX – USA – w/ Hoan + Best Fern, Forever, She Devils, Samito
17/03/20 – MOTR – Cincinnati, OH – USA
17/03/22 – Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto, ON – Canada – w/ Billy Moon + Fresh Snow + Whoop-szo
17/04/13 – Fairmount Theater – Album Launch – Montreal, QC – Canada
17/05/13 – Distortion Festival – Matahari Loft – Montreal, QC – Canada – w/ We Are Wolves, Avec Le Soleil Sortant de Sa Bouche


Written by: Megan Matthews



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