Katie Buchanan Shares ‘Floating’ From Upcoming LP

NYC-based singer-songwriter Katie Buchanan’s recent release of ‘Floating’ has me in awe. The first single from her guitar-driven sophomore album Who We Are When We’re Standing, to be released on June 9th, showcases her rich vocals in a very minimalist fashion that leaves her standing in a room alone, with little else than a guitar to accompany her.

Born into music, her oaky vocals are telling of the emotion behind this track. A coming of age story from the Kansas-native, her heavy lyrics seem to express her desire to escape. It’s easy to fly, with no hand holding you down, after all.

Floating’ has all the heart of that hometown in Kansas combined with the grit of New York City’s streets. A sweet but salty combination, you can almost taste the concoction of her feelings that make up the lyrics; so strong that you wouldn’t believe they’re not your own. It feels real – reverberating in your mind and calling up memories of when you flew.

She captures that feeling we’ve all had, that post-break up realization, that you’re free. The independence is unbearable, almost, and the opportunities are terrifying.
Perfectly balanced as a song, she offers up a country vibe to the gritty-yet-pop counterpart that leaves you feeling as though you need to listen to it again, because she understands you. It’s bittersweet and leaves her naked with her strength on show, in the bluesy-vocals.

Who We are When We’re Standing Tracklist:
01. Oh Lord
02. Floating
03. Stand With Me
04. Doubt In My Mind
05. The Song About You
06. Time Is Not A Plan
07. I Can Be
08. What Breaks A Heart
09. Beginnings and Ends





Written by: Megan Matthews

Photo Credit: Lexi Lambro

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