Brielle Von Hugel talks ‘Naked’ and her tour in Europe

You might recognize Brielle Von Hugel’s face, but maybe you’re not sure where from. The 22-year-old Staten-Island-Native was all over your TV screens back when she was just 16 years old, or maybe you’ll just recognize her voice. Her angelic hue isn’t something easily forgotten.

An American-Idol-veteran, dips in pitch transitioning from low to high define her songs – showcasing the talent that reaches far beyond her years. You’ll find yourself questioning her age as you question why she didn’t win.

Currently, on tour across Europe, Brielle has taken to the wrong side of the road in a double-decker tour bus.

“[The bus has] been our home! I sleep in a bunk every night and we drive from venue to venue. Some drives are 4 hours long, some are 12. It’s crazy, it’s fun, it’s thrilling! What a life!” she gushed. “My family misses me a lot, but they’re ecstatic for me. Especially, my mom, she’s my best friend! “

She’s spent the past six years running around, chasing her dreams and it seems she finally caught up with them. With her recent single ‘Naked’ soaring past one million listens on Spotify, she’s showing no plans of slowing down.
“I have future plans to release an original album and go on my own headlining tour! Yay!”


Girlish, and growing in confidence, Brielle’s love for music has taken her far from Staten Island.

“It seriously is a dream come true. I first auditioned for Idol when I was 16, I then got cut and my passion and determination only grew stronger. So, I decided to go back the following year and made it to the Top 12 girls, at 17 years old! Now I’m touring the World and singing all over, that’s all I ever wanted to do. It’s glorious.”

“From the audition stage to the live show, I grew so much! I learned a lot about myself, the music business and about my artistry. I’m super grateful for the experience.” Comparing the youthful, gentle voice she had to the cascading unapologetic ripples of well-honed talent that she’s grown into, ‘Naked’ tells you a lot about her and her journey. Soft to start, with a definite emotional crescendo, she doesn’t hide the ocean of her voice behind technology.

“I want my lyrics and my voice to be heard by the heart. My single, Naked, is just so raw and real and I’m in love with the message. It’s about learning to love yourself and being comfortable in your own skin.”

“I’ve grown a lot in the past few months.” She shares. “On our day off in Antwerp, Belgium, I actually decided to get a small tattoo of a lotus flower on my wrist. I love the meaning behind it. It’s a symbol of growth and I thought it would be perfect to get, this year.”

“The sky is the limit. I’m passionate, I’m hungry and I’m ready for it!”
Listen out for Brielle’s silken tones in her latest release, ‘Stronger’, with B.O.B – available on her SoundCloud (


Author: Megan Matthews
Photo credit: F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Records

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