WHY? Addresses His Mortality With ‘Moh Lhean’

Poetic enough to make you want to write a love letter to your ex and melodic enough to fill your shower-singing needs for the next month. Somewhere between contemporary folk and alternative hip-hop exists WHY?’s newest work of art, Moh Lhean, and it is here to indie-rock your socks off. With an unforgettably grainy voice, an arsenal of programmable sounds, and a truth of hopefulness and acceptance that yearns to be told, we journey through vocalist Jonathan “Yoni” Wolf’s recent transformation from cynicism to the ability to live in the moment.

Fans of WHY? have been eagerly awaiting a new album since 2012’s Mumps, Etc., and Moh Lhean has been met with open arms and acquiescent ears. Yoni had been busy with other musical endeavors (Divorcee, Yoni & Getti) during WHY?’s hiatus, but the project has been brought back to life and his time spent away seems to have only matured his signature genre-bending sound. Although this album is quite different than what WHY? fans have been used to, Yoni’s musical transition to less conventional methods and song structures has provided his fans with a timeless album that flows perfectly. Yoni’s deadpan drawl has remained through the band’s discography, but it speaks of a very different message through this album. Moh Lhean is the first album in over a decade to be self-produced by Yoni and his brother Josiah. This freedom has given Yoni the opportunity to speak of his reconciliation with his own mortality, as a non-specific health scare has proven to be his most recent muse.

A few doctors that treated Yoni during his health scare are even sampled in “Proactive Evolution”, a song that exemplifies his new outlook on life. Much of the album is driven by an acoustic guitar and a melodic keyboard, with a powerful bass drum providing a constant beat. Yoni experimented with as many instruments as he could lay his talented fingers on in order to create a truly unique one-of-a-kind album. With an ear made for harmonies, Yoni layers every instrument perfectly and allows room for his tender and ariose lyrics to authentically resonate with the audience. “One Mississippi” is notably the most optimistic song on the album, with a hyper-positive backing track and buoyant lyrics that tell us to focus on the finer things in life instead of dwelling on what’s missing. The whole album plays a beautiful story of a man that knows where he is in life, and is figuring out where he wants to go. While we don’t know what “Moh Lhean” means, we do know that this album marks the powerful and prominent return of WHY?



Twitter: https://twitter.com/whywithaqmark?lang=en


Written By: Sawyer Click


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