Second Still Debut Gloomy Self-Titled LP

Dark, gloomy, and incredibly thought-provoking, LA-based Second Still has provided the world with a coldwave album that could wake the dead. Released via Paris-based label Manic Depression Records, the self-titled album tells stories of “frustrations, anxieties, and feelings of alienation” that the band experienced during a year-long stint of living in New York. Although the trio spent that long and lonely year writing the album, it only took them two days to record in the studio. This is the band’s first LP, with their debut effort, Early Forms (2016), as their only other music at the moment. Currently, the group is wrapping up their first U.S. tour in support of the album and have just released a music video for “You Two So Alike.”

Composed of vocalist Suki Sans, bassist Alex Hughes and guitarist Ryan Walker, Second Still prides themselves on encapsulating both the post-punk and coldwave genre. With a head-bob inducing drumbeat laying the groundwork for the psychedelic and driving guitar and bass, “Recover” focuses mainly on a punk-heavy sound with minimalistic vocals that only adds to the mix. Much of the album is composed of a haunting voice, feverish drums, abstract guitar parts, and a pounding bass. “New Barn” plays almost as a sort of synth-infused hip-hop that lingers in your mind long after the song is over, while there are songs such as “Strangers” and “Jo” that come off as a sepulchral ballad. Although the band is still young, they seem to have found their sound and are thriving in their niche.

Second Still’s self-titled album is intelligent, tenacious, and connected through and through. Machine-like in structure yet passionate in execution, this LP is more of an experience than simply mere songs strung together. Funereal yet inviting, everyone should be able to relate to some aspect of this unique piece of art and get lost in it.


Written by: Sawyer Click

Album Art: Jean Lorenzo


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