Dallas Punks From Parts Unkown to Release “Trucker Speed”

Fast, hard, and in your face, Dallas rock trio From Parts Unknown is set to release Trucker Speed on Friday, April 28. The band is hosting a co-record release show the night before (April 27) at Three Links in Deep Ellum with dark psych-rockers Drawer Devils. Self-proclaimed space vampires Bullet Machine and punk supergroup Blood Letters will also perform. Exuberating all things rock, the Trucker Speed delves into a variety of topics from substance abuse, relationships, life as a musician, all the way to poverty.

Bleeding energy and chaos, the three track EP grabs hold and never let’s go. The indefatigable vocals on “Rad Pitt” are backed by a ska-like jump in the rhythm section, which eventually gives way to a screaming guitar solo that cascades to black at the end of the song. Although only just over a minute long, “Mendoza” is the instrumental southern-punk theme song to everyday life and features lightning fast drums, a wailing guitar, and a hammering bass line. Though the title track “Trucker Speed” focuses on singer/guitarist Ben McCracken’s wicked melodic voice, the song still holds the band’s signature maelstrom-yet-catchy sound close to heart.

These tracks contain the perfect amount of adrenaline that would provide anyone with enough energy to run around the world and back before any of the boisterous guitar solos have met their end. This EP is for people who always seem to hit every red light on the way to work, those that just need to let out pent-up emotions, and those daring enough to tackle trying to air-drum along. It’s more than just music, it’s a feeling of connectedness; that you’re not the only one going through rough times. Punk is a community, and From Parts Unknown has just introduced themselves to the family.

Trucker Speed Release Party April 27 at Three Links in Deep Ellum. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 9 p.m. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here in advance. The show is ages 18 and up. Three Links is located in Deep Ellum at 2704 Elm St., Dallas, Texas 75226.

From Parts Unknown’s EP “Trucker Speed” will be available for purchase on Friday, April 28 via iTunes and the group’s Bandcamp at https://frompartsunknowntx.bandcamp.com or for streaming on Spotify.


Written by: Sawyer Click

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