Royal Blood Gets Dark With New Single “Lights Out”

Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher, otherwise known as Royal Blood, have proven that they have more than one card up their sleeve with the release of their newest single, “Lights Out.” The U.K. rock-duo unveiled their forthcoming album, How Did We Get So Dark? to be released June 16 via Warner Bros. Records, and left fans writhing in anticipation for more as they watched the enthralling video for the album’s lead single. It’s fuzzy, loud, and surpasses every expectation set for the record-breaking pair that is bringing hard-rock back to prominence.

The video for “Lights Out” starts with the calm before the storm, focusing on the two bandmates in an innocent-looking room. As the music tenses up, ripples in the floor begin to deceive our eyes, hinting at the entropy to come. There we are, on the edge of the seat asking what else could they possibly give us, when BAM! All of a sudden bodies explode from the walls in perfect pulse with the unrestrained chorus. Harmonies hit heavy, backing up bassist/vocalist Kerr’s already booming voice, while drummer Thatcher wreaks havoc on the set. In perfect time the pair feeds off of each other’s energy, offering a syncopated and tense anthem. A blood-red filter covers the screen as the bridge hits, marking the climax of the piece. Directed by the Sacred Egg, this is where the song and video finally come together to tell us the cult-like and risque story that’s been forming in the shadows. An unapologetic and deliciously funky bass solo screams out as a faction of harpies devours Kerr. And just as soon as it all started, it’s over, and we find ourselves staring at the same innocuous room, but this time we know the ghosts that hide in the walls.

If this single is any indication of what fans can expect from Royal Blood, then we can expect the familiar tones that we’ve grown used to, but more refined and matured. The sludgy bass, banging drums, and gritty vocals have all come together to form a mighty album. The award-winning band has admitted that although this album is still very much close to their roots, that they have experimented with new sounds and instruments to allow for a greater impact. The ten track album is en route to wow audiences from all musical preferences. Royal Blood is here to stay, and this new single promises an album that will only cement their place in hard rock’s future. Long live rock’n’roll, and long live Royal Blood.


Royal Blood1




Written by: Sawyer Click

Photos by: Perou


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