Juiceboxxx Releases Punk Rap “Freaking Out”

Out of my mind but I’m a hell of a guy” boasts Milwaukee-based punk rap artist Juiceboxxx in his newest single, “Freaking Out”. With his forthcoming album similarly titled, Freaked Out American Loser, and a tour on the way, Juiceboxxx has begun to hit stride. The Beastie Boys reminiscent track is high energy and intense, and incredibly nostalgic.

Juiceboxxx goes beyond simple nostalgia however and has placed himself into a league of his own. Modern angst disguised in an eclectic pool of genres cover the broad variety of sounds that JB includes in his discography. “Freaking Out” comes out swinging and doesn’t show any hint of tiring out. A strong beat similar to those popularized in 90s alternative hip-hop flows through the track, offering no break from Juiceboxxx’s freaked out intensity. From the bouncing beat to the whip of the turntables, the track radiates reinvigorated originality over old shool flavor. JB says that the theme of the song is “hitting brick walls and fucking everything up but despite it all staying the course and trying to change your life in a positive way.” It’s pretty apparent in the lyrics that this is a song for those that are down, but not out.

Mark your calendars for July 28 of this year, for then the whole album will be available to blare in your car with no worries in the world weighing you down. Building off the momentum presented with this track, Juiceboxxx has allotted himself a true chance to bring his genre to prominence. It’s a cohesive flow that energizes the audience through a hypertensive backing track and pure optimism. Not many people could combine punk, noise, and rap in the way that Juiceboxxx prides himself in doing. A catchy beat, irresistible flow, and meaningful lyrics all come together to make this a track for the people, and even better, for Juiceboxxx himself.

Website: http://juiceboxxx.com/


Written by: Sawyer Click



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