Dance-Pop jACQ Announces Cosmic Affair EP with “This is The Time”

DFW electronica artist jACQ has announced her debut solo effort, Cosmic Affair, to be released June 16th, and has given fans a taste with the irresistible “This is The Time.” Having already topped EDM/electronica charts with her features and songwriting abilities, she has proven herself a force to be reckoned with in the music realm. Now with a solo pop-electronica career as her main focus, jACQ will be able to deliver the purest version of her music as possible.

Goosebumps race up your arm at the start of EP opener “This is The Time,” moving slowly as the beat progresses. jACQ’s chilling voice flows through the cosmic background with ease, allowing listeners to connect with the motivating lyrics without having to search too hard. The laid-back track is driven by vocals and an accentuated beat, both of which contribute to the memorable melodies. “Back to Life” is the EP’s bad boy, offering moments with intense blasts in the EDM-heavy background and seconds of uncontrolled chaos that quickly fade to jACQ’s innocently vulnerable voice. The bouncy track moves like electricity, beautiful in both riotus-form and deep-rooted meaning. June Nawakii controls the beat, allowing for mesmerizing layered harmonies from jACQ to slide peacefully into place. The final piece, “Euphoria,” lives up perfectly to the name and bleeds joy and elation. The hyper-positive track floats through the air, following suit with the easy listening of the EP. The track seems almost ephemeral, leaving you pressing the play button over and over to feel the magic again.

The complexities of the EP mesh together to venture into a blend that is mostly uncolonized by modern music. jACQ’s musical expressions reflect her breaking free from artistic restraints and defining herself as a musician, which makes this grouping of tracks truly special and heart-felt. The pop tastes give the EP a sense of connectivity to contemporary music, while the electronica-based backing tracks identify the effort as being independent from modern routines.


Written by: Sawyer Click

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