Grim Streaker and the Rambunctious ‘Miami Girl’

Packing one hell of a punch, Grim Streaker has crafted a mix of sugar, spice, and everything punk-rock to create a sound that is best characterized by its divine chaos. The Brooklyn-based group has just released “Miami Girl,” an explosive follow-up to their debut 2017 single “Guts.” The five-piece has started gaining traction due to their honed sound and uninhibited live performances that are driven by vocalist Amelia Bushell. The single can be found on Grim Streaker’s upcoming EP Girl Minority, which is to be released later this summer.

Dazing chaos punches you in the face from the beginning as swirling feedback introduces us to the minute-and-a-half long rollercoaster ride. An ebulliently fuzzy riff pushes at the front of the battle lines, allowing for the equally frenetic vocals and drums to unleash hell within the mix. A kick in the guitar and drums frequents the song, and keeps you on your toes. The real magic of the piece comes from Bushell’s vocal stylings, which create an intense back-and-forth between the band’s noise and her yelling. Her bewildering yell mesmerizes with a story of the groups havoc-filled trip to, as you probably guessed, Miami. “Come at me, bro!” she yells, speaking of a fight that erupted when a man randomly walked up and punched guitarist Dan Peskin in the face. Bushell says that this song was inspired by that kind of “random, comically dumb violence.”

Grim Streaker jumped in the DIY scene of Brooklyn with a promising amount of potential. Although still young, they have already proven themselves with two rambunctiously punk tracks in their discography. With talent, momentum, and a lot to say, they are on the right track to punk prominence. Grim Streaker’s unique sound resonates with fans of late-70s/early-80s punk, but still paves the path for the new wave of modern counterculture’s sound.


Written by: Sawyer Click

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