Austin Mayor Declares June 8th ‘David Messier Day’

Austin Mayor Steve Adler will designate June 8th to be “David Messier Day” in a ceremony at City Hall. On June 9th, Messier’s birthday, The Townsend will welcome the multi-talented artist back to its stage to celebrate with a live performance. Tickets can be purchased for $10 in advance and $15 at the door. For more information please visit

David Messier is a multi-instrumental musician, songwriter, producer, owner of Austin-based recording studio Same Sky Productions and the President of the Texas Grammy Chapter. After an 8-year recording hiatus, the former Papermoon frontman released his debut solo album, Waiting For Eldridge, in 2016 to wide critical acclaim from KUTX, Austin Chronicle and Bluegrass Situation. Waiting For Eldridge is a culmination of years of playing guitar, drums, piano, songwriting and producing music. For Messier, the album represents the private radio station that constantly plays in his head.

Messier recently released two of three brand new videos from the album with “Everything Breaks My Heart,” “Franklin’s Keys” and “Keeping Up With Fashion” to follow on June 5th. “Everything Breaks My Heart” is a track that pushed Messier into new territory. He recalls, “This is the moment where I broke some new ground…I really heard something new.” The haunting tune swells and wallops with swinging carnival keys and Messier’s gritty distorted vocals turning at the chorus as he asks “Why in the world should I calm down? / I should have learned by now / Everything breaks my heart.

Sticking with the haunting theme, “Franklin’s Key’ is a joyously spooky party track featuring tip-toe marimba taps and quick horn blasts. “In ‘Franklin’s Key’ everything is speaking — not just the vocals. The saw, the bari sax, the percussion … it’s all ‘talking. When I close my eyes and listen to this track, I’m suddenly in a haunted house circa 1940 — the shutters cracking in the wind, the creaks of wooden floorboards — and when I pinch my eyes even tighter, I see cartoon skeletons playing percussion on rib bones, creepy cats with hollow eyes, and creatures of the night holding seance dance parties that make me want to join the fun and turn that party out,” Messier tells Bluegrass Situation.



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