The Silver Screen Majesty of Cigarettes After Sex

Brooklyn-based Cigarettes After Sex are known for their eerily romantic melodies, with androgynous, hummingbird tones overtop. Since the break-out success of debut their EP ‘I.’ saw hit single ‘Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby’ reach over 46 million views on YouTube, standards have been set high for lead singer, Greg Gonzalez.

The band instills the importance of drama with the two new singles, ‘K.’ and “Apocalypse,’ off their upcoming self-titled LP. Tales of love with painstakingly drawn details, bittersweet and decadent, meet filthy promises and fleeting romance as you make your way through from opener ‘K.’ to finale ‘Young & Dumb’.

‘Each Time You Fall In Love’, the second track on the album and the third to be released, follows a similar pattern; dramatically romantic and cinematically beautiful. Slow to start, with a melodic pulling of the heart strings, the song does a beautiful job of captioning the heart-wrenching uncertainty of a romance dwindling. Written by Gonzales, it features long instrumentals between vocals that almost act as the distance between two hearts.

“This is like the novel or feature-length version of Cigarettes. I wanted it to feel like a complete work, where some of the imagery repeats, like it’s all in the same world.” Gonzalez explained.”Mostly about how I was never able to find myself completely satisfied with any romance or love affair that I had been through. It was as if I was always on the lookout for something more and it had gotten me into plenty of trouble over time.”

Releasing the debut LP, with Partisan Records, on June 9th, the El Paso-born singer wanted this album to be ‘gorgeously cinematic’. With The Smiths and Joy Division acting as inspiration, Gonzalez has steered away from his beginnings in 1980’s-vintage and found his way to darker influencers to express his emotion.

The band, featuring Randy Miller on bass, Jacob Tomsky on drums and Phillip Tubbs on Keyboard, opted for alternative methods of recording their music. Disobeying convention and instead following The Cowboy Junkies abstract adaptation of studio space, Cigarettes recorded the album in three days at the sweatshop rehearsal space in Bushwick.

They recorded this silver screen majesty in a low-maintenance setting, before finding themselves in the stairway of Manhattan’s Beekman Theatre after hours, taking an even more obscure approach to recording ‘Each Time You Fall In Love’.

Now, announcing a World Tour, the band will be presenting their debut LP this year in a collection of cities. See the band’s website for tour dates.


Written by: Megan Matthews

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