Elohim Haunts With ‘Skinny Legs’ Video

Elohim’s new music video for her haunting single, Skinny Legs, is akin to all the eerie campfire stories that have haunted children since the dawn of suburbia. The video, directed by Megan Park, was released May 30 and features the young girl that posed for the single’s cover art as the main actress. The energetic and surreal tone of the video encourages the already mystifying track.

The suspenseful introduction acquaints the audience with a young girl as she bathes in the violent veronica light of what appears to be a portal. Quickly, she turns around and looks directly into the camera, marking the very second that the video arrests your eyes. A voice like satin whispers tales of insecurity as the young girl mouths along, creating a scene wrought with tension. The video seems like something to come from a sci-fi movie with the high levels of suspense, the pulsating music, and the timed chaos. Caught in the middle of every dimension is the captivating innocence of the girl, who constantly appears on edge, almost as if someone or thing was chasing her. Flashes of lights play tricks on the screen, distorting views in sync with lulls of lyrics to maintain interest. As soon as the monstrous electronics kick, the little sense of security that is left becomes lost amongst the storm. The beast takes hold of the girl, treating her as if she was a puppet. The 5-minute long auditory and visual trek obliterates the screen, leaving emotions on display that have long been stifled.

With a video that commandeers all cognizance and provides absolute vassalage, Elohim has begun her ascension beyond recognition simply for her musical achievements, but for the complete sensory experience that she creates. With a growing following that proves to be fiercely loyal and enough talent to back it all up, Elohim has no limit on the success that she can reach. Electronic music may have taken over the radio already, but Elohim isn’t stopping until she has your screen too. It’s this drive that has landed the artist an eventful 2017, with performances at both Lollapalooza Festival and Firefly Festival.



Written by: Sawyer Click

Photo credit: Chase O’Black

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