Hot 8 Brass Band Bring NOLA to ATX

Wednesday night at Antone’s began with the hometown reggae/funk/jazz fusion band, Steady Legend. The ‘None of the Above’ band boasts an eight man group with a three-piece brass section, a refreshingly deep voiced, Joplin-esque female lead  Analysa Gonzales, and an animated bassist best described as the offspring of Flea; who is clearly enjoying playing the music as much as the audience loves hearing it.

The headlining group, The Hot 8 Brass Band, took the stage to a crowded dance floor and buzzing energy throughout the venue. Within moments of the first trumpet blast this talented ensemble of percussion and brass had the entire floor grooving to the funky, New Orleans influenced sounds that instantaneously transported me back to the music filled parade streets of Mardi Gras. From ingenious covers of Snoop Dogg to original horn blasting originals The Hot 8 Brass band is an interactive musical experience for all ages and demographics. These multi-talented men tore the roof off Antone’s with their high energy music accompanied by their raspy vocals and created a rhythmic trance that turned the audience into a rolling wave of groovy zombies with a single goal in mind; to get down. These gentlemen have topped my list of favorite shows in my short time here in Austin.



Photos and review by: Demetrius Judkins


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