VHS Collection and the Chilled Out ‘So I Met Someone’

The smoldering summer sun is sinking beyond the clouds, leaving a glowing orange glaze across the sky, and twinkle in the rearview mirror of your car. The windows are wound down, allowing the sweet warmth of the empty highway’s wind to feel your skin, causing gentle frenzy as it flurries through your hair. You turn up the radio, and the chilled nonchalance of the melody spreads a satisfied smile across your face. VHS Collection’sSo I Met Someone’ is the perfect drive time song for those warm summer nights.

The NYC-based VHS Collection explains that the track is about “the bittersweet reality of standing in between an old relationship and a new one.” Although the concept behind the lyrics is embedded with blurred confusion, the music doesn’t express the situation to be adverse. It’s not quite a party track, like their single ‘Wide Awake‘, but the aurorally contagious lyrics will soon have you itching to belt them at the top of your lungs, as you’re driving home.

Although VHS Collection brand themselves as a rock band, this particular song strays away from the generic rock norm. Despite the eerie Stranger Things opening title-like tune, lingering discreetly in the background, the organized, rhythmic guitar strums combined with soft, synthetic vocals all aid the electronic like sound, with just a hint of light rock. Despite the band suggesting that they’re inspired by Chance the Rapper, this song seems to evoke similar vibes to that of the 1975, with meaningful lyrics yet a slightly up tempo and jolly melody.

The band are set to release their full length record later this year, filled with authentic, alternative, and truly chilled tracks, just like ‘So I Met Someone’. To hear the full album live, take a look at their scheduled tour dates below.

06.01 – Chop Shop – Chicago, IL
06.02 – The Pike Room – Detroit, MI
06.03 – Bunbury Festival – Cincinatti, OH
06.06 – Vera Project – Seattle, WA
06.07 – Lola’s Cafe – Portland, OR
06.08 – Cafe Du Nord – San Francisco, CA
06.10 – Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA
06.12 – Soda Bar – San Diego, CA
06.13 – Soho 1221 – Santa Baraba, CA
06.14 – SLO Brew – San Louis Obispo, CA
06.25 – East Hotel – Miami, FL
06.29 – Music Hall Of Williamsburg – New York, NY
07.08 – The Surf Lodge – Montauk, NY




Written by: Beth James

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