Austin’s Favorite Rapper Omenihu Drops Ruminating “Dream Killer”

Nostalgic vibes with a forward-thinking and unifying message, Omenihu is a name to look out for in the years to come. His sophomore single, Dream Killers, highlights the struggles of a young black artist as he faces criticism and discrimination. He’s only been in the game for 9-months, but his vision and talent transcend experience and place him on the top of the leaderboards. He’s a creative mastermind with a hellacious flow; a double threat with a heart.

With a crafty backing track from Rascal that samples TLC’s No Scrubs and a meditative flow, Omenihu debuts an introspective look into his life. He even makes a nod towards TLC’s Left Eye during a verse. The video focuses on Omenihu as he appears to be in a state of distress outside of a corner store. His anticipation swells, leading to the breaking point in his second verse, where he trades his calm-and-collective flow in for an aggressive and uninhibited one. The video takes place in front of the store but the conflict is a worldwide phenomenon, attributing to the empathy that pulls you to the screen. Co-directed by Jessie Rodriguez and Omenihu himself the video’s coloration is vibrant; yellow highlights of the video lure a state of anxiety, but the cool-blue eases. The colors contrast beautifully against the night sky, offering amplification for every movement and emotion.

Omenihu performs for the camera brandishing a shirt from his company, Human Influence, a collaborative creative media agency that was co-founded by Omenihu and fellow UT-grad Henry Smith. The company encourages individuals to connect with their full potential through various mediums. Omenihu took heed of this when he first began his musical career, releasing the catchy and potent, All Vibes Matter ft. Mickey in September of 2016. The track was playful and fun, focusing on empowering individualism through a relaxed vibe. Austin has an up-and-coming soldier that’s gunning for the lead. A breath of fresh air comes with every track, throwing new blood into a genre that’s constantly being reinvented. His charismatic blend of past and future makes him an exception to the rules of the game, and have put him in the position to create his own.


Written By: Sawyer Click

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