Sam Houston’s ‘APRIL’ And Who He Is

Sam Houston is not a household name. Yet. But he’s laying all of the tracks to quickly become one. With 963 followers drooling over every soul-filled beat on the mere four tracks he’s posted to his Soundcloud, he’s hard to find much else on, but those who do find him devour every 90’s-R&B inspired note.

‘APRIL’, released early this year, entwines all that you miss about Ne-Yo’s kinda slow, kinda romantic tracks but with a whole new ballpark in terms of vocals. His effortlessly fervent tones reverberate against the innocent laughter and electric guitars that bring this track into a different dimension; an intergalactic twist on old school R&B mixed with Houston’s signature sound.

Soul can often have a misconception placed on it, that it has to be sad and it has to make your heart yearn. Houston does an incredible job of containing the feel of soul in his music, without the heartbreaking overtone. ‘Can we leave this Earth, girl? Take a trip to the Moon?’ he sings, virtuous and honest, compiling all romantic connotations of the moon and using them to his advantage; there’s no bitter to his sweet.

The New Jersey native prides himself on blending his own immersive genre of music; ingredients of rock, pop, jazz, R&B and soul fill his melting pot to become ‘feel good music’. Designed to paint watercolor scenes of late night drives and intimate moments for two, Houston mimics your happiest memories and the haze of summer in this lustful tune.

Twitter: @SamHoustonMusic

Author: Megan Matthews

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