Sam Lao’s ‘Grenade’ Explodes Across The Dallas Music Scene

A rookie in the rap game but Sam Lao isn’t making any errors here; the video of her latest release, ‘Grenade’, is bred from her undeniable artistry, perfectly engineered with Jeremy Biggers’ impeccable insight. The Dallas musician built her flair through drawing, painting, and sculpting; visually creating the beauty that her virtuosity later channeled.

I turned to music when my other creative outlets ceased to be satisfying anymore. I had always sang just for fun but rapping was something new for me and I really took to it.” She said, of her progress.

Describing herself as an ‘artist’ first, she truly is an inspired wordsmith; obvious in this tune, and with two SXSW showcases and multiple festivals under her belt, her music videos ravenously feed off of the alchemy of her practiced creativity. A hip-hop front-runner in Dallas, she’s climbing her way to the top with almost transcendent speed.

The video holds a comic-book feel from the beginning, dramatic and bright but quickly meets high angle shots that scream of the 90’s music scene, featuring the orange camo and a faultless but indisputable Missy Elliot homage. This, twisted with the fast transitions into darker shots accomplish a polished, contemporary spin on something that is so quintessentially 90’s.

Lao’s work, while definitively being some of the most aesthetically pleasing visuals to come out of Dallas in quite some time, is most importantly rooted in a deep belief in her feminism and her strength. This is what makes her such a stronghold, not only just in Dallas but one to watch across the nation.

Catch Sam Lao at her next appearances;
Saturday, July 29
Babes Fest
7 p.m.
Femina-X, Sam Lao, Magna Carda, Sailor Poon, Alesia Lani, Melat, Francine Thirteen, The Reputations, Chulita Vinyl Club, Polly Anna, Triplets, Signy, Amea, Darja
Empire Control Room
Austin, TX

Friday, Nov. 10 to Sunday, Nov. 12
Sound On Sound Fest
12 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Grizzly Bear, Iggy Pop, The Shins, Blood Orange, Kehlani, Washed Out, Hot Chip, Charles Bradley, Sam Lao
Sherwood Forest
Austin, TX
Twitter: TheSamLao
Insta: SamWithTheHair

Author: Megan Matthews


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