Kady Rain Takes Us To Paradise With Her Latest Single Plus Photo Recap Of Kady Rain At The Blackheart

We’re all aware of who Kady Rain is now; she’s the sun in the sky, the beat in our step and the breeze on the ocean – we quickly realized, when we got a chance to sit down with her here. Since our chat, she’s been busy. Teaming up with the Australian ‘bubble-gum pop producer’ Donatachi, the Candyland Queen released her latest song on August 18th.

The track, ‘Take Me’ highlights the sugar-sweet star’s crisp tone, and impressively offers a clean electronic rhythm – busy and gloriously intricate but still submissive to her vocals, reassuring the already obvious; nothing will outshine Kady Rain.

Her synthesized-sounding vocals lay atop of the energized, fresh beat; while undeniably intended for those warm summer nights, it’ll still be there to accompany you all the way through to the chill of autumn. Speaking directly to Rain’s bright, eccentric self, this song fits beautifully with her candy-coloured dynamic – only making her pairing with Donatachi even more idyllic.

A bright and infectiously happy love song that could warm you whatever the temperature, Donatachi found inspiration from Ryan and Marissa’s relationship in the cult-classic The OC – could it get any better?

Keeping along with the busy month Rain’s had, she performed at The Blackheart earlier this month, pouring her heart out in each bright note she sang. Check it out in the photo recap of the night below!


Check out Kady Rain at Austin Pride this year, on August 26th!

Insta: @KadyRain
Twitter: @KadyRain

Author: Megan Matthews
Photography: Corey Mendez

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