Jake Lloyd Drops Syrupy Sweet ‘Str8nge Frute’ Single

Soulful, sensual and slinky, Jake Lloyd’s immersive voice and steamy sounds make a song shaped for the sundown.

The R&B inspired ‘Str8nge Frute‘ awakens those evening time vibes through its deep, delayed tempo, bringing relaxation to the forefront. In contrast however, the songs abrupt halts, slaps, and consistent bursts of ‘Wild Thoughts’ style electric guitar riffs lingering hushed in the background, deliver an intense sense of sexiness. It’s the perfect song for your bedroom playlist.

Although the instrumental plays strong alone, Lloyd’s syrupy vocals are what really brings the track to life. Storytelling about a romantic interest and their sexual encounters, confidence oozes from both the cocksure lyrics and his impressively slick pitch transitions.

Lloyd’s ‘Str8nge Frute’ is the first record to be released from his upcoming album, Jake Lloyd LP. After previously performing in numerous bands as the frontman, Lloyd knew he was on the verge of something huge. Despite counting R&B, Soul, and Hip-Hop as some of his influences, Jake Lloyd insists he doesn’t conform to a musical box. With this in mind, and his remarkable first single, Lloyd’s debut LP is set to be unique and completely unmissable.





Written by: Beth Judge

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