Mike Melinoe’s “Phase Face Moonlight” is Pure Fire

Austin-based hip/hop artist Mike Melinoe reinvents fire in “Phase Face Moonlight.” The single features a flowing beat, a galactic adventure, and an armada of flamethrowers. The Detroit-turned-Austin artist pulls from several sounds, relying on a quirky, one-of-a-kind type delivery to attract listeners. Well, the flamethrowers aren’t hurting either.

“Phase Face Moonlight” originated during a time of duress for Melinoe, and the feverishly stressed syllables capture the essence of struggling. Art is too often thought of to be for others, and Melinoe has shamelessly made it known that this is for him, and those that do understand his abstract art, however, can see the vision in full view. The lyrics can be playfully typical at times, but he strays from the pack when it comes to the overall message and delivery. Niles Mack produced a beat that almost sounds like it could be from Yoshi’s Story. It sounds astronomical, yet still comes across as laid-back once you throw Melinoe’s crazed poetry over it.

The video, released August 16, has a light-hearted sense of fun that derives from Melinoe and his friends being able to goof off together. The clip is homemade in fashion, which only adds to the charismatic feel of the video. Carefree dancing from Melinoe and his posse holds the screen, but is broken up by flashes of Saturn’s moon, a spaceship, and Melinoe doing his thing in front of a moving truck. A distortion wraps the screen at key points to highlight accents and to keep from monotony setting in. Melinoe, who is also a talented painter, likes the independence that comes from producing art. Whether he’s the next Picasso or the next DMX, he’s certainly a treasure to be admired in a world of conformity.


Written by: Sawyer Click

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