Deep Ellum Art Co. Officially Launches

Today Deep Ellum Art Co will hold the grand opening for their creative space for artists of all backgrounds. Renovated from an old printing press repair shop, the multi use space includes both indoor and outdoor art galleries, live music stages, and a 60ft bar. From today through October, the Dallas-based facility will be holding a number of exhibits and music events.

With the first of several commissioned pieces already on display from today until Sunday, local artists will be able to showcase their talent. The founding entrepreneur and creative advocate of Deep Ellum Art Co. , John LaRue, says “The goal is to promote all of the arts be it music, culinary, sculpture, 2D, 3D, or digital.”

The building erected originally in 1949, is surrounded by 10,000 square feet of open outdoor space, leaving ample room for a variety of creative displays. LaRue, reinforces this by describing “Deep Ellum Art Co. will represent as full a spectrum of the arts as our local artists bring to us.”

In addition to galleries and performance stages, the space will house a number of food trucks, twenty four various beers, and seven unique cocktails. LaRue continued with “I didn’t set out to create a space that had a singular identity”.

Both LaRue and his artistic director Amber Crimmings have plans to give back even more to the local community, by starting an artist mentor program, allowing young, budding artists to work along side established artists in a safe and creative environment. LaRue continued to say “its worth the effort required to pass this along to the next generation”.

The new creative space is open now, and located at 3200 Commerce St., Dallas, Texas.

Upcoming events include:

Friday, Sept. 1 – Saturday, Sept. 2: Forgotten Space (Grateful Dead Tribute)
Saturday, Sept. 2 – Inhabitants Group Art Show
Sunday Sept. 3 – Arkansauce
Tuesday, Sept. 5 – Zack Witness “Electric Revival” Album Release Party
Saturday, Sept. 9 – Art Yard Artist Market
Thursday, Sept. 14 – “Get Inky” Printmakers Group Show
Wednesday, Oct. 4 – Wednesday, Oct. 15: Skinny Cooks Residency
Saturday, Oct. 7: Friday’s Foolery and Lunar Eclectic with MOJO
Friday, Oct. 13: Henry and The Invisibles Intergalactic Space Disco Starparty with DJ Mikey Rodge
Saturday, Oct. 14: Class Reunion with Nervana, Green Dazed and Sedated


Article by: Beth Judge

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