Alesia Lani Brings Back Classic R&B With ‘Resilient’

She’s soulful, she’s self-supporting, and she’s doubtlessly stunning. If there’s anyone advocating the perfect amount of female liberation then its Alesia Lani. Her latest album Resilient takes us back to the future, delivering all those sexy 90’s R&B vibes, with a hint of modern day quirk.

Lani’s supple and soulful voice is truly classic R&B at its best. With ‘You Changed’ boasting her talent exceptionally, the chilled-out instrumentals filled with those typical, yet totally effective, R&B twinkles and deep Organ notes help to create a thoroughly sassy 90’s sound. Despite the cool, relaxed melodies Lani’s vocals are always the star attraction. With her music style being comparable to that of Destiny’s Child, and early Alicia Keys there’s no doubt Lani’s music career is gleaming.

With another exceptional vocal lead, Lani uses ‘Fold’ to discuss her confusion between lust and love by wanting to return back to an old lover that she knows isn’t healthy for her. She slows it down and sexes it up during this track creating a mature yet sensual kind of mood.

However, songs like ‘Pay Me No Mind’ are truly representative of her strong, ‘independent woman’ morals. With undoubtedly direct lyrics and clusters of brass instrumentals, the track isn’t shy of confidence. The subtle hint of slaps, claps and finger snaps humanizes the music. The song is stripped right down to the basics of music making, proving that sometimes simplicity is key.

Although her music takes it right back to basics, Lani gives her album a fresh and unique twist with the inclusion of spoken word tracks. Both her ‘Intro‘ and ‘Zai’s Poem‘ provide an emotional insight into Lani’s consciousness. It unites both Lani and listener, creating a mutual understanding. It no longer becomes solely her album, but an album meant to be shared and understood by all.

With Resilient only being her second album since 2015, the tenacity and sharpness suggests she’s way beyond her years. Creating an album for both dedicated R&B fans and those new to the genre alike, Alesia Lani is influential in her own right, and almost definitely here to stay.

Written by: Beth Judge


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