Damian Wyldes and the Pure Authenticity of ‘Dancing With Your Ghost”

Brave, bold, and completely courageous, Damian Wyldes‘ “Dancing With Your Ghost” transports you straight to the heart of a spaghetti western action scene. With the galloping rhythm brought to life through dancing strings and a bellowing brassiness, the track is simply triumphant in its battle. Without a single synthetic sound, the song is doubtlessly authentic, proving the vitality of the rugged folk-country sound, and timeless instruments.

The cantering pace and quirky melody instantly befriends the richness of Wylde’s mighty vocals. Counting Elvis Costello as a comparison, Damian Wyldes’ voice is an instrument of its own. He effortlessly transgresses from velvet smoothness to intense bursts of bristly gruffness surging with intensity.

Despite the nimble sound, the tracks artwork and lyrics illustrate a rather different story. The lyrics are quite reflective of the Tim Burton-esque Corpse’s Bride style cover, painting a picture of remembrance of a loved one. The wise and mindful lyrics could easily appear in a much more downbeat song. However, the quick tempo and colorful instrumentals do the talking, making this track perfectly unparalleled and undoubtedly genuine.




Written by: Beth Judge

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