The New and Improved Meanswell

After releasing their third EP in 2016, Austin based group ‘The Gents’ decided it was time for change, time for a revamp, and time to crank it up a notch. Following months spent away from the stage and tucked away in the studio, with the help of Chris “Frenchie” Smith, the band has truly solidified and sharpened their sound.

Of course, with a new sound comes a new name. Re-branded as Meanswell, after the name of their self-titled single, the guys have truly established themselves as a rock & roll band, counting Weezer and AC/DC as their influencers.

If their self-titled single is anything to go by, then we’ve got a lot to get excited about. The song is brilliantly produced with a classic instrumental arrangement combined with authentic vocals. Subtly sounding like a song you’d hear at a 60’s school dance, with a traditional, slow tempo and romantic sound underneath, it’s rocked and roughed up with blasts of duel electric guitars and gruff authentic vocals.

The rasping vocals make the track doubtlessly compelling. Like a rollercoaster, the huskiness of the genuine vocals takes you on a thrilling and emotive journey, leaving you full of adrenaline and pining to listen all over again. Although the immense vocals are gripping enough, the instrumentals have a voice all of their own, and are left to do ample amounts of talking.

This transpires into their second single, ‘Open Season’. It truly proves their versatility, juxtaposing Meanswell, with much more of an indie rock vibe. It’s bold, fun, and maintaining those gravelly vocals boosts that sense of rebellion. If you thought the instrumentals were good during their first single, then you’ve heard nothing yet. Upping the tempo during this track lets the group show off their incredible skills in generous amounts. Their talent is beyond mesmerizing.

Both tracks are incredible proof of the bands endless hard work and dedication. Meanswell’s bravery to try something new has truly paid off. With a bright future ahead, the guy’s first music video for their self- titled release will be premiered at the Austin Music Video Festival on September 12th.


Written by: Beth Judge

Photo by: Kaitlyn Grimsland


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