Walker Lukens Doesn’t Want To Be Lonely In His Latest Release From ‘Tell It To The Judge’

Multi-instrumentalist Walker Lukens’ new album ‘Tell It To The Judge’ is set to release on September 22nd and if the one released song is to give any kind of idea of what’s ahead; it’s going to be monumental.

A serotinal tune, ‘I Don’t Want To Be Lonely’ screams of the post-break up turbulence that we all know too well. Typically, a slow and emotive style of song, Walker Lukens’ shakes the cliché up with a groovy British ‘mod’ 70’s feel and a contrasting sophisticated vocal that still offers the indie rock aspect. It’s a tune up of the traditional heartbreak, and offers a screenshot cameo of his past – it feels as though he’s plucked the vocals straight from that moment, uncertain and thick with emotion, and dropped them into the present of a happy, positive beat. It offers a valuable hindsight, it suggests that it’s absolutely possible to get through it and, hey, you might even be better off for it.

The Austin-based singer’s voice emerges from the depth of the blues and electro that have meshed to form the basis of this song. His soothing tone weaves with the beat, a concoction of bittersweet happiness that the lingering memory of the break up will become. It’s impossible to not want to listen to it again; go on, I implore you, try and then I’ll see you at a Walker Lukens Addict Anonymous meeting.

Catch him on September 22nd at Waterloo Records, in Austin, for a free in-store performance.

Twitter: @WalkerLukens
Insta: @WalkerLukens

Author: Megan Matthews

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