Moving Panoramas Play Hotel Vegas for HAAM Benefit Day

Austin dream gaze project, Moving Panoramas, are one of the best bands in Texas right now. Their expansive dream pop is infectiously intoxicating filled with soothing harmonies and twisting guitar chords. The eclectic four-piece, led by Leslie Sisson, released their debut album, One, in 2015 and have developed a loyal following not only in Austin, but all around the state of Texas. The band was one of over 200 performers for Tuesday’s HAAM Benefit Day to help bring all of Austin together to sing praise for keeping our musicians alive and well and let customers, businesses and music lovers across Austin do their part to help Austin musicians. Check out the highlights below from Moving Panoramas at Hotel Vegas and be sure to catch Moving Panoramas tonight at West Elm in Austin.

For more information visit

Photos By: Ines Matias @ines_studiomatias

_DSC0271_DSC0292_DSC0294_DSC0299_DSC0300_DSC0304_DSC0308 (1)_DSC0309_DSC0311


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