To Friends and Good Vibes With Julian Acosta at ABGB

The Health Alliance for Austin Musicians celebrated their 12th annual HAAM Benefit Day on Tuesday showcasing upwards of 200 performances around the city by local musicians. The benefit brings all of Austin together each year to sing praise for keeping our musicians alive and well and lets customers, businesses and music lovers across Austin do their part to help Austin musicians.

Musicians are an integral piece of the fabric of Austin and with so many talented artists performing around town, choosing the perfect show can be a daunting task. Luckily for us, we were in the right place at the right time when one of Austin’s favorite sons, Julian Acosta and his backing three-piece, hit the ABGB Tuesday night.

Fresh off the summer release of his latest single, ‘Cinnamon’, as well as a recent bout with the flu bug, Acosta was back to 100% and ready to show the ABGB some home-style funk. Draped in his customary Stetson and tattered poncho, the rockin’ bluesman dished out a ton of riff-heavy vibes through an eclectic blend of southern soul. Nearly impossible to categorize, Acosta fuses everything from crunchy, indie rock to gritty soul and psychedelic blues creating authentic ‘Texas Funk.’ His howling vocals and slight gravel wade through the bluesy waters of his emotive songwriting while the elongated electric chords reverberate with a rocker’s persona. Acosta, along with bassist Elliot Morgan, carry the rhythm section while providing ample space for lead guitarist, Antonio Romero, to ring out seductive solos over drummer, Dave Johnson’s, shattering percussion. Speaking of Johnson, midway through the set, Acosta invited the crowd to participate in a Happy Birthday singalong to the drummer and made sure the entire evening was about friends and no ‘shit’ vibes. The towering frontman saved the best for last by closing with an energetic rendition of his sweet summer single before expressing his appreciation for the crowd, ABGB and HAAM. Austin is proud that musicians like Acosta and organizations like HAAM keep the city’s entertainment lifeblood pumping.

Click the link at the bottom to hear Julian Acosta’s latest single ‘Cinnamon’.

Julian Acosta TR-1Julian Acosta TR-2Julian Acosta TR-3Julian Acosta TR-4Julian Acosta TR-5Julian Acosta TR-6Julian Acosta TR-7Julian Acosta TR-8


Photos By: Mindi Westhoff



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