If you follow this website you already know we love us some Drew Davis. Honestly, how can anyone not admire such a charming and inspirational lady? Whether she’s helping us unwind from the week with soothing, soul-drenched melodies…shouting words of encouragement during a calorie frying 5K…or cracking our funny bone as Charles Maund Toyota’s official diva…we just can’t get enough of this lighthearted singer-songwriter.

It’s been nearly two years since Davis released her last full-length album, Lessons…and her loyal fans have been clamoring for more ever since. Thankfully, our Drew Davis fix is right around the corner.

On Wednesday, Davis brought her entire band and special guest Tje Austin out to One-2-One bar for her first ever live album recording. The release date is still up in the air…just like the mood of all those in attendance. However, Davis has assured us it will ‘definitely be this year’ and you best believe we’ll have the skinny once it drops. Check out the show highlights below.

For more information on Drew Davis visit https://www.drewdavismusic.com/.

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Photos by: Anie Walsh