Modest Mouse Floats On White Water with Mass Gothic

To consider myself simply a Modest Mouse ‘fan’ would be a drastic understatement. Thirteen years after its release, Good News For People Who Love Bad News still spins on constant rotation on my personal playlist. Hell, even my six-year-old can recite ‘Lampshades on Fire’ in its entirety.

So, you can imagine the schoolgirl giddiness I felt when I discovered my favorite band was coming to White Water Amphitheater. Lucky for me, TR lead photographer, Demetrius Judkins, recently relocated to the outskirts of San Marvelous and had been eager to shoot more shows locally around Texas State. Sure, White Water Amphitheater is a whole ‘nother town over in New Braunfels. But, Demetrius, being the dedicated photographer that he is was totally down to cover the show.

Surprisingly, Modest Mouse’s publicists was very responsive to our media request…so responsive in fact that I had to question his sincerity. Let’s face it, management for bands like Modest Mouse don’t respond to guys like me…especially not as quickly as they did.

So, it came as no surprise two days before the show when the crickets started chirping. I’m sure the silence may have had something to do with my 15 email confirmations verifying if Demetrius was still approved to cover. But hey, I’ve been in this business for a while now and have learned miscommunications happen, venues and management sometimes overbook press and in those instances, more often than not, it’s the little guys like us that get left standing outside the venue with our cameras in our hand.

But, low-and-behold, Friday afternoon rolls around and the publicist confirms Demetrius was all good. Now, a little bit about Demetrius…he’s an artist’s artist…a free-spirited, transient soul who follows wherever his heart leads. Just a bicycle, a camera and a pack of smokes is all you’ll typically find in his possession. The first time I met the guy, this crazy mofo trekked his bike all-the-way across Austin at 4:00pm in June from Oltorf to 38th and Mopac just to drop off a wristband.

So, when I asked if he was still good to cover Modest Mouse, I thought nothing of his response “They confirmed once. So I’ll take the chance. I’m gonna bike my way out there tonight.” I simply replied, “You sure you want to bike that?” To which he responded, “It’s like an hour and a half ride. If nothing else, I’ve heard the scenic view on the way is gorgeous.”

I was still a little concerned because like I said, in this business, shit happens and the last thing I wanted was for Demetrius to pedal all the way out to New Braunfels and have an issue at the gate. But, he was cool with it so I left it up to him.

Demetrius is usually pretty quick to get show photos back to me…or at the very least let me know how the concert went…or didn’t go. So, when I hadn’t heard from him by noon the following day I started to worry that something…anything…might have fucked up his evening and we missed out on Modest Mouse.

I shot Demetrius a text, ‘How did last night go?’ And waited…and waited…and waited. Then, PING!!! Demetrius fired back in a manner only Demetrius could. “72 mile bike ride. But, I got some dope photos. Great show as well. And I made a friend too.”

Keep in mind, we’re all volunteers here at TR. It’s not like I was paying Demetrius extra to cover Modest Mouse. But that’s just the kind of cat he is. No way in Hell would I do half the shit he does. But, when it comes down to it, he’s dedicated and will do whatever it takes to get the shots and have a great time. So, scope out the concert photos below and please go show my man Demetrius Judkins some love and check out his photography at @wolfspiritofthesun.

Modest Mouse


Mass Gothic


Photos by: You already know


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