David Ryan Harris Creates Soulful Songs For Other People

From stage-left to the center of attention, David Ryan Harris has released Songs for Other People through Peace Pourage Records. A heart-wrenching video for the album’s single “Coldplay” featuring actor Taye Diggs is linked below. Harris will also be playing to a sold out crowd at Winflo in Austin on Sunday, October 1st.

Harris has spent three-decades exploring the music industry dabbling in everything from playing alongside the likes of Dave Matthews to co-writing RIAA platinum-certified hits such as Guy Sebastian’s “Battle Scars”. Harris just wrapped up a tour playing guitar and singing for John Mayer, a spot that he spent much of the 2000s occupying and on September 13 he kicked-off his solo tour in support of his latest album, Songs For Other People.

Songs for Other People feels like an effortless continuance of the quality stories and musicality that audiences have come to expect from Harris. It’s a trip through the good, the bad and the soulful.

The seven tracks were originally meant for other artists but never found a home. Over time Harris toyed with the idea of turning them into his own. Enter drummer Terrence Clark, keyboardist Zac Rae, cellist Keith Tutt, and GRAMMY award-winning producer Mike Elizondo on bass.

The lead single, “Coldplay”, is a fully-discovered story that should come with a sensitivity warning. It’s a rollercoaster ride through a man rediscovering tickets to a concert that he attended with an ex-girlfriend. Old emotions overcome him as he remembers everything that he missed.

I don’t want the memories now / So could you please just turn the radio down? / No, I can’t listen to Coldplay” yearns Harris. The soft accompaniment of the track accentuates the heaviness behind the lyrics. Flushes and swells push the chorus, falling in line behind Harris’s floating voice.

Other standout tracks are “Average Joe,” “Fascinating” and “Red Balloons.” A blues influence drives a majority of the album, but there is a hint of classic rock’n’roll, pop, and the signature contemporary indie sound that many of Harris’ peers have nestled into (John Mayer, Ed Sheeran).

Much of the album tackles regret and a sense of yearning for what’s been lost. Harris taps into the essence of soul with his dynamic vocal range and key guitar-sense. Unbounded by any rules, Harris lets his creativity soar.

“There were no boundaries musically or thematically other than the fact that these songs are for and about other people,” says Harris.

All it takes is one bar and you’re hooked on Harris’ sound. Songs for Other People is for the people, by someone that knows what it’s like to deal with heartbreak.


Catch David Ryan Harris at Winflo on October 1. For additional info and current tour dates visit http://davidryanharris.com/.



Written by: Sawyer Click

Photo by: Shervin Lainez


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