Sad Cops Drop ‘It’s Eating at Me’ Video From Debut Album

Angst powers through desperation in emo-band Sad Cops’ newest video single, “It’s Eating at Me.” The track comes from the Denton-based group’s debut album Liam Murphy Holt, released on Apr. 19, 2016.

The album took the Denton music scene by storm and has gained the band considerable momentum. With this velocity, the quintet created the “It’s Eating at Me” video.

The video takes place in what looks to be your typical suburbia-type house. Each member of the quintet takes residency of their own room. It’s a slow build into the thick of the track, with vocals not making an entrance until 43 seconds in, but it ultimately leads to a powerful explosion of emotion. This sequence propels the song to the end.
By what can’t be coincidence, each member’s wardrobe matches the color of the walls. Toward the end of the video, the members join together in a garage filled with someone’s belongings. Every emotion (represented by the colors) comes together ultimately to create this effect of uncontrollable anxiety. The video may be low-budget, but the effectiveness of color, transitions and the overall feel of the song makes this homemade look excel.

The track is lyrically ambiguous with only 19 words in the song’s arsenal. A strong point toward self-loathing due to an intransigent characteristic is a fair interpretation. The lyrics have been added below for convenience.

Cry, You shouldn’t have to try
It’s emancipation pain
The kind you pray away
And it’s eating at me

The group is currently playing a few one-off shows that can be found on their Facebook page. Dallas fans can catch them with Mom Jeans, Walter Etc., and Alaska Bicycle Co on Oct. 22 at the Prophet Bar on Elm Street. Keep an eye on Sad Cops, you never know when they strike and/or need a hug.

Written by: Sawyer Click

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