Bonobo at Emo’s in Austin – 10/07/2017

British-born and LA-livin’, Simon Green is back with his sixth album ‘Migration’ and his very own concoction of downtempo electronica. The 17-year veteran of the music scene, also known as Bonobo, brings together the taste of a soulful Sunday morning, twisted around some of the utmost classic electro associated with the genre, in a stunningly relaxing rendition of what most of us are used to.

As well as this, Green combines emotion into a typically very computerized style, adding a human-touch to the mix that instills obvious ups and downs into this album – an ambitious feat, even for a pioneer of the genre like him.

While he is no stranger to being ranked highly in the electronic charts across the US and the UK, ‘Migration’ definitely had a lot of expectations to meet from fans, with over 10,000,000 plays of previous tunes, like ‘An Ending, A Beginning’ on Spotify alone.

Based on the pictures below, it seems Austin definitely isn’t disappointed with the album. See what you think below!


Photography: J Alan Love



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