Nomad City at Swan Dive Recap

Austin is rapidly becoming a town of creative and driven ‘boss babes.’ Nowhere is that more evident than the city’s thriving rock scene. An arena that was once dominated by rockabilly icons and guitar-slinging bluesmen has undergone a revitalizing makeover led by a youthful wave of badass femme fatales. Case and point, Nomad City’s powerhouse leading lady, Britny Lobas.

I got my first live glimpse of the attention grabbing shewolf last Thursday when Nomad City rocked Swan Dive and holy shit, does Lobas radiate rocker attitude. On stage, she’s dangerously seductive unleashing a ferocious vocal range that would make Christina turn her chair.

But, don’t get it wrong though, Nomad City is more than a supporting cast for Lobas. The band of transplants from Cleveland, Chicago, Houston and Phoenix, formed in 2015 after Lobas and guitarist Ray Kainz began writing and performing as a duo. Austin’s nomadic nature brought the duo together with bassist Russell Simonson and drummer Alec Cabrera, hence the name, Nomad City.

They released their self-titled, debut EP in December 2016, a 5-track project loaded with crunchy, freewheeling rock riffs and overpowering vocals. Think pre-mainstream Black Keys meets eclectic south Austin indie on the Dark Side. The month of the release, Nomad City was AMF’s featured Artists of the Month and have since premiered two videos from the album.

Nomad City is currently working on a new single, “You & Me,” due out in December from their upcoming EP (early 2018) and is next scheduled to play The Sahara Lounge on Oct. 18th with Skyline & Clay Melton. You can also catch them on Dec. 1st at Mohawk with another one of Austin’s leading ladies, Emily Bell, The Canvas People and The Diamond Thieves.

For more information and upcoming shows visit

Nomad City at Swan Dive



Nomad City – ‘Honey’ Official Video


Photos by: Demetrius Judkins @wolfspiritofthesun

One thought on “Nomad City at Swan Dive Recap

  1. Nomad City is apotheosis of rock and roll. They are the exemplification of what live music in Texas should be. Nomad City has more dedication to their craft than the average live music seeker realizes. Even though they are steadily rising, it is a horrible thought that they have not been truly “discovered” for their talented efforts. Nomad City is one of these bands that should be on everybody’s radar…. particularly in the Austin community and central Texas area.

    Lobas is the hardest working front woman in the entire music scene. And I feel she has definitely earned more credit than what she has been given thus far. She busts her ass off with each and every performance she is presented with an opportunity to give. She is the torch bearer to the rock and roll scene. And she never disappoints. NEVER. She has the power that today’s musicians only dream about.

    All of this coming from first hand and personal experiences over the past couple of years, watching them develop into the top notch act that they are today. They should be well on their way to the top with Lobas as the queen. And nothing-NOTHING is going to stand in their way!!!

    With a collection of Kainz, Simonson, and Cabrera, the bar has been raised. Talented, coordinated, and powerful….. this is rock and roll in the best way possible.

    Nomad City is a MUST, without question. Fire for your soul and passion for your heart to lead you to believe that if Nomad City can do it, and do it well, then you can do whatever you set your mind to do!!


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