The Uplifting Harmonies of Beth // James and “Jewels”

Austin indie-folk duo Beth // James have made quite the name for themselves in the local scene since the release of their standout 2017 debut EP, All In Life. The most recent video for the group’s single off the EP, “Jewels“, is a perfect showcase of their warm aesthetic and uplifting tone. The song’s lyrics appear and fade left and right as the track progresses with added indie-pop elements. As the duo stare into the camera and harmonize over their acoustic driven and piano backed track, one can’t help but feel like a jewel on the inside. The 45 second outro of the video is both colorful and dreamy, and will leave the listener in a trance until the very end.

Beth // James is currently writing for their next project and can be seen live at the Austin Arboretum on Nov. 1 and The Saxon Pub on Nov. 28. Check out the video for “Jewels” below.

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Written by: Matthew Masepohl

Photo Credit: Alexandra Celia

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