The Enchanting Sound of TOMKAT’s Icarus

Entitled Icarus, TOMKAT have truly epitomized both the sound and spirit of their latest album in a single word. By relaying the messages of the great Greek myth through their ability to go against the genre grain, TOMKAT are flying high, yet the album is far from a tragedy. With the band’s supernatural synthetics and entrancing vocals, this is the perfect spooky soundtrack for this Halloween.

Describing their sound as somewhere between pop, jazz, rock, and dance, their unique sound consistently keeps you on your toes. With heartbeat drums and electrifying guitars, tracks ‘Pompeii‘ and ‘Human‘ showcase the band’s rockier side. Short but strengthy, both tracks are reduced in length, but ensure they pack a punch and leave a deep impression with both their heavy instrumental talent, as well as weighty lyrics.

Although a thoroughly rock feeling album, TOMKAT keep it quirky and distinctive with idiosyncratic synthesizers. Dropping subtle nods towards modern, electronic dance themes; distorted twangs give tracks like ‘Persephone’ a dark, ‘Stranger Things’ sounding undertone, whilst giving ‘Phoenix’ a remarkably eerie feel.

Despite its spectral sound, ‘Phoenix’ is perhaps one of the most compelling and influential tracks on the album. With the rock theme chilled out, the track’s simplicity is key, allowing the expressive lyrics and impeccable vocals to do the talking. A beautifully triumphant track singing “Once and for all, I rise; Once and for all, I’ll fly.” It’s plentiful in fulfillment.

Likewise to ‘Phoenix’, an attribute all nine tracks share are Katrina Cain’s immersive vocals. Silky yet fearless, her angelic innocence is radiant. Her featherlike voice strokes and softens each and every song, creating a phantom illusion. She is completely transfixing.

With the band’s complex sounds, rhythmic interplay, and their passion to experiment with genres, TOMKAT are already ahead of the game and the perfect future for modern music.


Written by: Beth Judge


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