The Screaming Thieves Release Their Latest Single ‘Wandering Feet’

Brandon Callies is back with a brand new single, brand new band, and a brand new sound. ‘Wandering Feet’ see’s the Greenville, TX native collaborate with Screaming Thieves, giving him ample chance to flash his rockier alter ego.

In comparison to Callies work with his Americana-rock group, The American Revival, the sound is toughened up to the max. Counting Black Sabbath and Muddy Waters as their inspirations, The Screaming Thieves illustrate themselves as “a band of hooligans, ruffians, heathens, and ne’er do wells” With Bold vocals, brash instrumentals, and a daring tenacity for rock and roll, it’s hard to believe that Screaming Thieves were only formed in 2014.

Despite their outrageously confident sound, the lyrics to ‘Wandering Feet’ remain painstakingly sincere. Callies narrates of a consistent character in his life who brings grief and anguish to all those that cross her path…”the girl that’s hell-bent on bringing down everyone around her.” The single centralizes on exploring somber, agonizing, motifs through thoroughly reckless rock sounds.

Written by: Beth Judge

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