The Cold Tony’s Get Chilly With “She’ll Come Around”

San Marcos, Texas, has long been home to indie vibes and lo-fi tribes, but psy-fi surf group the Cold Tony’s have blown up the local music scene with their most recent release “She’ll Come Around.” The six-and-a-half-minute track timelessly tip-toes through the woes of jazz-infused coping mechanisms and hopeless romanticism.

A smooth backbeat falls in and out of line as acid-laced chords drip through oblivion in the introduction of “She’ll Come Around.” The trio forego any sense of time in the first 30-seconds, thriving off of a psychic groove that explodes into unison as vocals enter. Guitarist/vocalist Michael Martinez howls “you’re coming down / she’ll come around” in an attempt to convince ones’ self that everything will be okay.

The band admits that the track is about a “sense of shame with ones’ behaviors & optimism toward the future.”

A mix of phased-out guitar licks and syncopated chords cascades through the speaker for the duration of the track, allowing breathing room for each musician as they become self-aware. It’s an emotional track that focuses on instrumental delivery rather than a vocal-oriented one.

The Sunday-afternoon laziness in the song doesn’t subtract from the value but instead creates a gloomy atmosphere that amplifies every thought of self-doubt found in Martinez’s voice. Whether it’s background music to studying or a night under the stars, it’s music that doesn’t say much but means a lot.

The band is currently gearing up for four off shows during the second half of October starting at Sidewinder in Austin tomorrow night, The Monster Mash at Kiva Lounge in San Marcos on the 26th, College Station the 27th, and Halloween night in Denton. An album will be released late this winter or early next spring that will follow up on these blue-wave emotions.


Written by: Sawyer Click


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