Alvvays Antisocialites Tour Visits Mohawk

One of Toronto’s finest acts brought their fuzz-fueled, emo-rock to Austin’s Mohawk Tuesday night in support of their latest album Antisocialites.

Led by their graceful front-woman, Molly Rankin, Alvvays seemed to have cranked their amps to eleven as every song sounded more raw and distorted than their studio recordings. The energetic set had you feeling as if you were watching true garage-rock at its finest due to the pure talent of the group.

With a lengthy set, Alvvays played nearly every song in their catalogue including hits “Dreams Tonight”, “Archie, Marry Me”, and “In Undertow” which had the sold-out crowd in a dancing frenzy.

Alvvays is taking part in a major North-American fall tour that’s set to wrap up with a five-night stay at Toronto’s Mod Club, having already sold out every date for their hometown return.

Antisocialites is one the top albums of 2017. You can find it online or at your local record store and be sure to catch Alvvays on tour at a city near you. You can grab tickets to their show on their website.

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10/20 – Santa Fe, NM @ Meow Wolf #
10/21 – Phoenix, AZ @ Valley Bar # [SOLD OUT]
10/23 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy # [SOLD OUT]
10/24 – San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore # [SOLD OUT]
10/26 – Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge $ [SOLD OUT]
10/27 – Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge $ [SOLD OUT]
10/28 – Seattle, WA @ The Showbox $
10/30 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge $
10/31 – Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater $
11/02 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue $
11/03 – Chicago, IL @ Thalia Hall $ [SOLD OUT]
11/04 – Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick $
11/17 – Montreal, QC @ Club Soda
11/18 – Ottawa, ON @ Babylon [SOLD OUT]
11/19 – Ottawa, ON @ Babylon [SOLD OUT]
11/20 – Hamilton, ON @ The Studio [SOLD OUT]
11/21 – London, ON @ Rum Runners
12/12 – Toronto, ON @ ModClub [SOLD OUT]
12/13 – Toronto, CA @ ModClub [SOLD OUT]
12/14 – Toronto, CA @ ModClub [SOLD OUT]
12/15 – Toronto, CA @ ModClub [SOLD OUT]
12/16 – Toronto, CA @ ModClub [SOLD OUT]
02/16 – Bristol, UK @ Trinity
02/18 – Glasgow, UK @ O2 ABC
02/19 – Manchester, UK @ Academy 2
02/21 – Leeds, UK @ The Church
02/22 – Leicester, UK @ O2 Academy 2
02/23 – London, UK @ Roadhouse

# w/ Nap Eyes
$ w/ Jay Som


Photos and Article by: Matthew Carlin

The Screaming Thieves Release Their Latest Single ‘Wandering Feet’

Brandon Callies is back with a brand new single, brand new band, and a brand new sound. ‘Wandering Feet’ see’s the Greenville, TX native collaborate with Screaming Thieves, giving him ample chance to flash his rockier alter ego.

In comparison to Callies work with his Americana-rock group, The American Revival, the sound is toughened up to the max. Counting Black Sabbath and Muddy Waters as their inspirations, The Screaming Thieves illustrate themselves as “a band of hooligans, ruffians, heathens, and ne’er do wells” With Bold vocals, brash instrumentals, and a daring tenacity for rock and roll, it’s hard to believe that Screaming Thieves were only formed in 2014.

Despite their outrageously confident sound, the lyrics to ‘Wandering Feet’ remain painstakingly sincere. Callies narrates of a consistent character in his life who brings grief and anguish to all those that cross her path…”the girl that’s hell-bent on bringing down everyone around her.” The single centralizes on exploring somber, agonizing, motifs through thoroughly reckless rock sounds.

Written by: Beth Judge

The Cold Tony’s Get Chilly With “She’ll Come Around”

San Marcos, Texas, has long been home to indie vibes and lo-fi tribes, but psy-fi surf group the Cold Tony’s have blown up the local music scene with their most recent release “She’ll Come Around.” The six-and-a-half-minute track timelessly tip-toes through the woes of jazz-infused coping mechanisms and hopeless romanticism.

A smooth backbeat falls in and out of line as acid-laced chords drip through oblivion in the introduction of “She’ll Come Around.” The trio forego any sense of time in the first 30-seconds, thriving off of a psychic groove that explodes into unison as vocals enter. Guitarist/vocalist Michael Martinez howls “you’re coming down / she’ll come around” in an attempt to convince ones’ self that everything will be okay.

The band admits that the track is about a “sense of shame with ones’ behaviors & optimism toward the future.”

A mix of phased-out guitar licks and syncopated chords cascades through the speaker for the duration of the track, allowing breathing room for each musician as they become self-aware. It’s an emotional track that focuses on instrumental delivery rather than a vocal-oriented one.

The Sunday-afternoon laziness in the song doesn’t subtract from the value but instead creates a gloomy atmosphere that amplifies every thought of self-doubt found in Martinez’s voice. Whether it’s background music to studying or a night under the stars, it’s music that doesn’t say much but means a lot.

The band is currently gearing up for four off shows during the second half of October starting at Sidewinder in Austin tomorrow night, The Monster Mash at Kiva Lounge in San Marcos on the 26th, College Station the 27th, and Halloween night in Denton. An album will be released late this winter or early next spring that will follow up on these blue-wave emotions.


Written by: Sawyer Click

The Enchanting Sound of TOMKAT’s Icarus

Entitled Icarus, TOMKAT have truly epitomized both the sound and spirit of their latest album in a single word. By relaying the messages of the great Greek myth through their ability to go against the genre grain, TOMKAT are flying high, yet the album is far from a tragedy. With the band’s supernatural synthetics and entrancing vocals, this is the perfect spooky soundtrack for this Halloween.

Describing their sound as somewhere between pop, jazz, rock, and dance, their unique sound consistently keeps you on your toes. With heartbeat drums and electrifying guitars, tracks ‘Pompeii‘ and ‘Human‘ showcase the band’s rockier side. Short but strengthy, both tracks are reduced in length, but ensure they pack a punch and leave a deep impression with both their heavy instrumental talent, as well as weighty lyrics.

Although a thoroughly rock feeling album, TOMKAT keep it quirky and distinctive with idiosyncratic synthesizers. Dropping subtle nods towards modern, electronic dance themes; distorted twangs give tracks like ‘Persephone’ a dark, ‘Stranger Things’ sounding undertone, whilst giving ‘Phoenix’ a remarkably eerie feel.

Despite its spectral sound, ‘Phoenix’ is perhaps one of the most compelling and influential tracks on the album. With the rock theme chilled out, the track’s simplicity is key, allowing the expressive lyrics and impeccable vocals to do the talking. A beautifully triumphant track singing “Once and for all, I rise; Once and for all, I’ll fly.” It’s plentiful in fulfillment.

Likewise to ‘Phoenix’, an attribute all nine tracks share are Katrina Cain’s immersive vocals. Silky yet fearless, her angelic innocence is radiant. Her featherlike voice strokes and softens each and every song, creating a phantom illusion. She is completely transfixing.

With the band’s complex sounds, rhythmic interplay, and their passion to experiment with genres, TOMKAT are already ahead of the game and the perfect future for modern music.


Written by: Beth Judge


Spoon at Stubb’s Waller Creek Photo Recap

The single most critically revered band of the new millennium, Austin’s own Spoon, played at Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater Friday night as part of ACL’s Late Night lineup. Formed in 2003 by singer/guitarist Britt Daniel and drummer Jim Eno, Spoon released their ninth studio album, Hot Thoughts, in March 2017 pushing the band even further away from any signature sound. Spoon is currently touring through the southeastern US before taking a short European tour during the first half of November.

Spoon at Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater

Photos by: Mindi Westhoff
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Tove Lo at Emo’s Photo Recap

Swedish pop sensation, Tove Lo, brought her Lady Wood Tour to an eye-popping, top-dropping conclusion this past weekend as part of Austin’s annual music mecca, ACL Festival. The multifaceted and sexually liberated ‘Disco Tits‘ superstar delivered a tantalizing teaser Thursday night at Emo’s with an official ACL Late Night show before wrapping up her 32-stop tour Saturday night at the Barton Springs Stage on day two of ACL’s weekend two. Next up, Tove Lo will be releasing her much anticipated third studio album, Blue Lips, in November 2017.

Tove Lo at Emo’s

Photos by: Mindi Westhoff

TR Tove Lo-1TR Tove Lo-2TR Tove Lo-3TR Tove Lo-4TR Tove Lo-5

The Uplifting Harmonies of Beth // James and “Jewels”

Austin indie-folk duo Beth // James have made quite the name for themselves in the local scene since the release of their standout 2017 debut EP, All In Life. The most recent video for the group’s single off the EP, “Jewels“, is a perfect showcase of their warm aesthetic and uplifting tone. The song’s lyrics appear and fade left and right as the track progresses with added indie-pop elements. As the duo stare into the camera and harmonize over their acoustic driven and piano backed track, one can’t help but feel like a jewel on the inside. The 45 second outro of the video is both colorful and dreamy, and will leave the listener in a trance until the very end.

Beth // James is currently writing for their next project and can be seen live at the Austin Arboretum on Nov. 1 and The Saxon Pub on Nov. 28. Check out the video for “Jewels” below.

For additional information visit


Written by: Matthew Masepohl

Photo Credit: Alexandra Celia

Alison Wonderland & Elohim Run Emo’s Photo Recap

Groundbreaking Australian producer, Alison Wonderland, brought her FMUOASL Tour through Austin Friday night and electrified Emo’s on a spiritual level. The month-long North American tour, supported by LA-based artist Elohim, launched on Sept. 14 and will conclude in the Pacific Northwest on Oct. 18.

Together, Wonderland and Elohim make for a powerhouse electronic combo. The Aussie producer who recently earned The Electronic Music Awards’ 2017 ‘New Artist of the Year,’ is renowned for her next-level production and intricate sets while Elohim has rapidly emerged as one of the most sought after electronic acts in the industry.

With a full-length debut slated for early 2018, Elohim is not only a top artist to watch in 2017 but a game-changer in forward-thinking electronic music, twisting the genre and its live execution in ways few others have dared. Her 2016 self-titled EP, with hit singles “Xanax”, “Sensations” and “She Talks Too Much” catapulted her into the forefront of emerging electronic acts pushing the genre towards uncharted territory.

The enigmatic Elohim is elusively seductive both audibly and visually. She remains an enchanting mystery, a guarded introvert who self-admittedly struggles with anxiety often shielding herself behind a mask of carefully manicured hair. Yet, she’s also a stunning artist whose perplexing aura and internal duality bursts through her pop-forward brand of “experiential electronic” with an open and confident sophistication. Like the artist, each of her introspective melodies takes on a distinct identity, never resembling the last or falling into common electronic tropes and habits.

Wonderland, on the other-hand is bold, boisterous and infectiously outgoing who prefers being the life of the party. The Aussie producer dazzled the jam-packed Emo’s with a whole new live set of intoxicating electronics and audiovisual aesthetics blasting her original blend of pop, techno, trap, future beats and hypnotic, backing visuals.

The Sydney-based producer will wrap-up the FMUOASL Tour just in time to return home for her most spine-tingling, immersive project yet, WonderlandScarehouseProject. In support of her forthcoming sophomore album, Wonderland will run a four-date, mini-festival/tour in remote farmhouse locations across Australia and New Zealand beginning in late November and into mid-December.

According to the project website, “Running amok through never-before-used haunted farmlands, WonderlandScarehouseProject promises to be a blood chilling experience like nothing you have ever witnessed. Splattered across horror movie fields, WonderlandScarehouseProject will feature a massive collection of international and local artists, hand-picked by the Queen of Scream herself.

With elaborate experimentation, both, Wonderland and Elohim have elevated the electronic genre onto a whole new level. Each artist possesses unique qualities that sets them not only apart but also above so many other producers. Together, they are a must-see.

Alison Wonderland

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Photos By: Corey Mendez @coreys_photos

Alvvays Takes Over The Mohawk on Oct. 17

Fresh off the release of their second LP Antisocialites, the Toronto indie-rockers are backing the new album with a full US Fall Tour. One of the most buzzed about bands since the release of their 2014 self-titled debut are coming through Austin on October 17th to play the Mohawk.

Having played a heavy festival circuit the past few years at Texas events Fun Fun Fun Fest and Fortress Festival, Alvvays skipped the US festival scene this year in exchange for their own headlining tour. With several dates already sold out on their fall tour, this is one of the must see concerts left in the year and a show you sure don’t want to miss.

You can check out their new album Antisocialites on Spotify and on their website.

If not already sold out, tickets for their show at the Mohawk can be found here.


Photo Credit: Arden Wray

Article by: Matthew Carlin