Daniel Caesar at Grizzly Hall Photo Recap

Canadian R&B/Soul singer-songwriter, Daniel Caesar, visited Austin’s Grizzly Hall last Thursday in support of the recent release of his debut LP, Freudian. The 22-year-old, Toronto native made a huge splash in 2014 with his introductory EP, Praise Break, which landed at #19 on Rolling Stone’s ’20 Best R&B Albums of 2014’ list. Caesar followed-up the breakout EP with Pilgrim’s Paradise, a project that pushed the artist and his unique sound even further in critical acclaim.

This past August, Caesar dropped his debut, full-length Freudian and in October set out touring the US on into February ’18 when he’ll wrap-up the tour across the pond in Europe. Like many R&B singer-songwriters, Caesar harkens back to the biblical influences of a childhood spent in the church. However, his raw authenticity and uncanny wordplay dives deeper than most artists and speaks of a proud and humble dedication to the gospel. Caesar’s deep, thought-provoking lyrics of spiritual self-awareness and love’s perfect imperfections set him apart from most typical ‘love and loss’ R&B singers. He creates a synergistic relationship between gospel and R&B through with soothing and harmonious vocals layered atop seductive, bluesy guitar chords that ultimately pushes the genre into new boundaries. Check out the photos below from Daniel Caesar at Grizzly Hall and for additional information and upcoming tour dates visit http://danielcaesar.com/.

Photos by: Dipo Olagundoye


Daniel Caesar ‘We Find Love’


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