Triplets Electrify With Futuristic Soul

Since debuting as an electronic pop duo last September, Triplets has played to packed houses at Austin venues like Cheer Up Charlie’s, Empire Control Room, and the Mohawk. They’ve been featured in KUTX, gotten 51K plays on their biggest song on SoundCloud, and opened for electronic artists such as POMO. Combining future soul sounds with EDM, pop and trap music, and giving energetic, dance-oriented live shows, Triplets are poised to be Austin’s next breakout electronic act. Can we call them the American answer to AlunaGeorge? Catch an electrifying live set from this dance duo to find out.

We spoke with Triplets members Wangene Hall and Bradley Will to learn more about Austin’s hottest new duo.

Can you explain a little about your artistic background and what brought you each to Austin?

Bradley: Making music has been my passion since I was 13 years old. Though I have many interests, music is the only path I’ve ever considered pursuing. I’ve been playing in bands ever since. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s very rewarding. I arrived in Austin when my former band Holiday Mountain decided to relocate from Boston. Since the end of my time with the band I’ve become focused on writing and producing for other artists; something which allows me to scratch more of my musical itches in a way that being in a band often cannot. I’m very motivated by the possibilities of the recording medium and the worlds we’re able to create.

Wangene: Similarly, I’ve been singing and writing songs since a very young age. I’ve always been obsessed with music and melody, lyrics and narrative. Prior to Austin, I was living and working in NYC. Since Austin is the live music capital of the world, I wanted to come and see the scene for myself. The really vibrant, supportive creative community made me want to stay.

How did Triplets originate?

Wangene: We met at a haüs party where we discussed music and the universe. Pretty standard stuff. We kept seeing each other around town and when we finally got to hear each other’s music, it clicked. We kept making things from there.

Bradley: The spark for Triplets formed when Wangene and I met at the dinner party of some mutual friends. We exchanged music and kept in touch from there forward. One day she sent back three of my instrumentals with some really exciting vocal parts on top of them. I thought “Wow. There’s something really interesting here.” We’ve been writing and performing ever since.

Triplets experiments within so many genres, how would you describe your sound to someone seeing you live for the first time?

Bradley: Get ready for some future shit. We’re trying on all of the new techniques and seeing where we can take them. One thing’s for sure; we’re interested in making new stuff you’ve never heard before. If we can write a great song that also sounds like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, then I’m satisfied.

Funnily, I always wonder how well our stuff will age. Someday we may look back on these tracks and look at them the way we look back at 1950’s concepts of what the future was gonna look like, where everyone has flying cars, jetpacks and silver unitards. That’s a risk that comes with the territory, I suppose.

Some of my biggest inspirations are the single songs or albums that jump-started an entire musical tradition, like James Brown’s ‘Cold Sweat’ or Miles Davis’ ‘On the Corner’. I feel like Kanye’s ‘Yeezus’ is going to turn out to be one of those turning-point records. He staked out a lot of new ground on that record by going super far left field and making radical choices. It’s a really fascinating mutation of what we think of when it comes to hip hop. For a lot of young people coming up, that record is going to be a guiding light that they’re going to follow and develop upon in the years to come.

Wangene: Future soul vibes plus the occasional hella hype dance break. Come to a show and see if you’re picking up what we’re putting down.

Your live shows involve a lot of movement and energy. What should fans expect to see at a Triplets show?

Wangene: I’m interested in sounds that take the listener on a journey. I’ve studied theater and have a dance background, so I incorporate all of that into live performance. When you come to a Triplets show, I want you to come into a space with us and believe in your own magic. I want you to feel powerful, to feel seen, to feel brave. I want you to fall in love with your own sense of possibility. Most importantly, I want you to dance your fucking ass off.

How has the reception you’ve received in Austin been so far?

Wangene: Austin has been great. People are responding to what we’re doing. They’re coming out and getting excited about our shows.

Bradley: Well, I’m not currently being fed grapes by muscly oiled-up servants while laying on a chaise lounge and being manually fanned, so I consider our career to be a total failure up to this point.

Are you currently working on a follow up to “Bitter Brain” and “Check Please”?

Bradley: Mmhm. We’re sitting on lots of unreleased material. It’s funny. Most of our work is behind the scenes songwriting and production work, that may never be released under the Triplets moniker. It will all end up coming out under someone else’s name. That said, our next release should be out in a month, so gird yourselves for that.

Wangene: Yeah, we are! Stay tuned. It’s gonna be exciting. Major vibes.

Check out Triplets’ latest track ‘Check Please‘ below.


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