Swan Dive Vibes With TOMKAT and Dossey

The I-35 connection was fully heated Friday night as Denton-based, electro-pop outfit, TOMKAT, hooked up with Austin’s synth-pop starlet, Dossey, at Swan Dive. No lie, this pop explosion has been circled on our calendar for a while now and it was every bit worth the wait.

Shortly after 10:00pm, immersive synth blasts engulfed the venue as Dossey, the electro-pop alter ego of Sarah Dossey, assumed control of the stage backed by Shy Beast’s Mariclaire Glaeser on keys and a hard-hitting repertoire of analog and digital electronic timbres. The homegrown artist who’s become a mainstay at Swan Dive made her debut in 2015 with Diamond and recently released the first of a two-part series in Electric, which was played in its entirety Friday…including her sweet cover of Peter Gabriel’s ‘In Your Eyes’. Her straight forward dance beats and intricate pop melodies are infectiously catchy with ambient soundscapes and captivating vocals you can’t help but succumb to. Friday was the last Dossey show of the year. But, pay attention to Swan Dive’s calendar and check her website for upcoming shows.

More and more fans began to pack Swan Dive once TOMKAT took over the venue. Led by vocal enchantress, Katrina Cain, the band trekked 3 hours south to show off their highly acclaimed debut LP, Icarus. Born from rock, jazz, classical, metal, and R&B musicians, TOMKAT consists of Cain (vocals), Andrew McMillan (guitar), Mike Luzecky (bass), Jonny Harmon (drums), and Trenton Hull (synths).

A petite powerhouse, Cain packs a huge punch on stage, especially when layering seductive vocals over the sensual groove of ‘Teardrops‘…a single Huffington Post considers “one of the best songs of the year.” But it’s through ‘Persephone‘ that the tempting siren pulls the crowd deeper into Icarus. The band’s unique electronic groove blends everything from dreamy pop and classy jazz to shimmering rock and rich RnB while covering a realm of lyrical topics stretching from ancient myths to current heartbreaks. Diversely fit for just about any setting, Icarus can soothe a soul, jump-start a jazz bar or heat-up a bedroom…and as witnessed on Friday, damn-sure turnout Swan Dive.

For everyone in Austin hoping to catch TOMKAT again, have no fear. The band was recently accepted to play SXSW 2018. So, be on the lookout. In the meantime, enjoy these fantastic images from Friday’s show captured by Matthew Carlin.



TOMKAT – ‘Drowning’ (Official Video)


Photos by: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt

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