Sofar Sounds Makes For Cozy Entertainment in Austin

Since 2009, Sofar Sounds has been re-imaging the live event experience by transforming everyday spaces, such as living rooms and retail shops, into captivating music venues with secret, live performances. Sofar Sounds is a community of thousands of artists, hosts, fans, travelers and more, putting on hundreds of secret, intimate events per month, across more than 350 cities around the world to bring guests and artists closer together. Luckily for us, Austin is one of those special cities where locals can host some of the city’s most talented artists  along with a few very special friends to experience the magic of Sofar.

Last Saturday, the cold and rainy weather that swept through central Texas made for an even more cozy experience as Sofar hosted a special show in East Austin with spectacular performances by instrumental guitarist David Kelly, surf-rock 3-piece Hand-Me-Down Adventure and local indie rockers Belcurve. Thankfully, Track Rambler photographer Anie Walsh was able to get in on the secret. Enjoy some of the set photos below.

For additional information about Sofar Sounds or to get involved visit


David Kelly


Hand-Me-Down Adventure




A few of the adorable fans at Sofar Austin.


Photos by: Anie Walsh

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