Omenihu Doesn’t Look Back in “Adios”

Omenihu hits the road and doesn’t look back in his newest hit, “Adios.” The Human Influence co-founder grips a carefree tone in one of the most cheerful break-up songs, produced by Charles Mxxn and Caleb Contreras. With lyrics that center around exiting a toxic relationship and finding some inner piece, “Adios” is an absolute anthem for those fresh out of a relationship.

Adios” follows Omenihu’s “Dream Killers” and “All Vibes Matter (Ft. Micky).” Much like “All Vibes Matter,” “Adios” is a cool-flowing movement that expels joy with every instrument. Adorned with cover art of a joyous Omenihu getting slapped, the laid-back, piano-centric track bolsters the singing of the newly-single and proud Omenihu. “Shawty adios / Damn, your vibe is gross,” playfully interweaves with a set of chopstick-style piano licks and trap-bass punches.

Verses are home to a multitude of jabs that ultimately point toward the UT-grad’s liberation from his ex. A blend of singing and rapping gives the track a sense of likability and something to remember it by. “You’re mad I replaced you / Young and you’re hateful / That is so shameful,” he punches. It’s not to mean that the track entirely focuses on the horrific ex, but instead, It’s a tale of Omenihu’s path to enlightenment and happiness.


Written by: Sawyer Click



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