Ana Barajas And Her Bi-Lingual Blue Roses

A strong voice singing a sweet serenade, Ana Barajas is the epitome of femininity in her latest song ‘Blue Roses’. Just released, late last year, it’s a prime example of the Colombian singer working on her solo career – and work she definitely did. Hour after painstaking hour has clearly gone into this shiver-inducing track.

A song for her blue-loving husband, Barajas sings in lyrics written in both English and Spanish; a memento, almost, of her and her husband’s relationship. The transcontinental lyrics bring both her creativity and her life-long virtuosity to light, from a shadow she does not belong in.

“More than anything,” she said, when I spoke to her about her track, “what I try to do with my music is to create an experience with every song so that people who listen to it have the feeling of being in a certain place or a certain mood through the sounds and words.

“I believe music can take you anywhere, and one of the main tasks of musicians is to do their best to connect people with that sonic experience.”

With the victory of successfully forging the connection, for me at least, Barajas embodies her own music; a soft, innocently beautiful front with intricately complex inner-workings. Where once she spent her days off pouring over her music, she now spends every minute – passion, humility and a soulful kind of joy fill this track and that should not be missed out on.

Feel her love and let her feel yours.

Twitter: @anabarajasmusic

Author: Megan Matthews
Photographer: Mario Cuevas

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