#WomenCrush This Month With A Kick-Off Event On The 25th

Bringing a little more love to the streets of Austin, #WomenCrush has landed and has plans to revolutionize the music industry. A campaign designed to bring women together and re-ignite the love within the industry, this is a plan to unshackle women in a male-dominated industry.

Officially a ‘non-profit’, Austin’s very own kick-off event is approaching on the 25th of this month. Hosted at One-2-One bar, the movement will feature the likes of Lucy Bergin, Chakra, and The Honey Trap and it is more than a gig; it’s empowerment.

Adara Ostdiek is the Chapter Leader for #WomenCrush in Austin, and takes pride in what the growing campaign stands for – her own project, Sedona Skies, is amongst the line up next Thursday too.

“When I first moved to Austin back in 2016 I was desperately looking for a music community to be a part of,” she said, “when you’re a part of #WomenCrush, not only are you part of a community here in Austin, you’re also part of a large community that spans internationally.”

A campaign first launched in January of 2017 in Portland Oregon, it owes its conception to Ashley Kervabon. A keen eye and an unfortunately not-so-subtle reality revealed a subsidence in the familial strength amongst women in the music industry, and she soon realized this was industry-wide and not confined to her state.

“Ashley reached out to friends in her hometown of NYC to start her expansion there,” Adara explains, “After New York, Nashville quickly followed, then came Vancouver, BC.

“Before long, she was receiving emails every day from artists all over the USA and Canada asking how they could perform at a showcase and be a part of #WomenCrush.”

Come Fall of 2017, the campaign had already reached 13 cities across the United States and had plans to continue in the new year – making a home in the likes of Austin, Los Angeles, Chicago and more.

“I was very excited to get the opportunity to handpick the ladies for our first showcase,” Adara gushed, “I feel very fortunate that I’m surrounded by so much female talent here in Austin. All of these artists are relatively new to the scene and I think they all have amazing songs and voices that deserve to be showcased!”

Combining the voices of some of the under-represented new acts, the campaign also runs workshops to teach important life skills; emancipating women from the chained limitations the music industry can impose. Taught by female industry professionals, they strive to push for the success of the participants.

“People will try and tell you that in order to be successful as a woman you need act and perform a certain way to attract listeners.

“I hope young girls see our artists performing and supporting each other and understand that you will become successful in the industry by working hard and authentically expressing yourself through your music.

“#WomenCrush Music strives to showcase local talent, providing educational resources and building a global community we will elevate female artists around the world.”

Check out how you can get involved {here}, and find tickets for the kick-off event {here}.


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