Pop Sensation Ashe Discusses Life on The Road and Forthcoming EP

Beach-pop ingénue Ashe erupted in 2017 with her debut single “Used To It”. The 24-year-old, Northern California native’s electronic debut has amassed nearly a million and a half Spotify streams, Charted #1 on the Spotify Global 50 and hit #1 on Hype Machine seven times. Ashe followed her hit single with “Girl Who Cried Wolf“, a grungy, guitar-driven indie pop track co-written with Freddy Kennett of Louis the Child, Imad Royal and Roget Chahayed (D.R.A.M’s “Broccoli”; Halsey’s “Bad At Love”) that debuted with the announcement that she was chosen as a VEVO dscvr: Artists to Watch 2018. She spent much of the end of 2017 supporting Whethan and Louis the Child on North American tours, and will join Lauv on the North American leg of his world tour in early 2018. Track Rambler was able to catch the pop sensation as she set out on her current tour with Lauv. Read what she had to say about her huge debut, life on the road and plans for 2018 below.

Your current North American tour starts today (1/23) in San Francisco. How crazy have the last 48 hours been for you?
Pretty damn chaotic. It’s always chaotic prepping for the road. We had our last rehearsal yesterday and Day 1 is always a little nerve-racking. But, it’s going to be good. We’re rocking and rolling this tour and diving ourselves all across the US in my old Four Runner. I’m going back to San Francisco first and that’s like home for me. I grew up in the Bay area. So, I’m really looking forward to it.

You just wrapped up a two-month tour before the holidays and now you’re heading back out on the road for a few more weeks. How do you prepare for something like that?
Honestly, the first two tours were all about learning. I just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. I’m a little more prepared this time and hopefully I’ll take better care of myself. I got really sick during both of my previous tours. It was horrible going on stage and sounding like a frog…especially when it’s my job to sing. But, I feel like every tour you have to learn. It’s all a learning experience.

What do you enjoy most about being out on the road?
I love meeting the fans. It’s such a great feeling meeting people who have no idea who I am and they end up falling in love with me and my music…It’s like meeting a new best friend in every city. Also, every tour I’ve been on, including this one, has been with really good friends. So, instead of opening for some obscure artist that I may not be able to relate to, I’m on tour with my friends who are now like family. It makes it so much more relaxing and allows me to think more about the music rather than all of the politics and bullshit.

Your debut single “Used To It” has been a huge success. Did you ever imagine you would receive so much positive reception from your debut?
No, I didn’t really know what to expect. I feel like you just put something out, cross your fingers and hope people relate to it and love it. But, I definitely didn’t have too many expectations. It has absolutely exceeded everything I could have imagined. It’s been pretty overwhelming.

Is it strange to have a song that was written to be so personal reach so many people?
Oh, yeah! Of Course! It makes me wonder if the person I wrote it about has ever heard it. It’s definitely weird that it’s gotten that many listens. But, it’s awesome and I hope for more. I hope the next single comes out and even more people hear it. I’ve got big dreams now. Wink!

What can you tell us about your latest single “Girl Who Cried Wolf”?
It’s equally as personal as “Used To It”…but, in a very different way. It’s a little more abstract and not so much of a story. I’ve always fought with myself and my insecurities…wondering if I was really good enough to make it in this hard, crazy industry. The Girl Who Cried Wolf is basically me talking to myself. Some days, I’ll be on top of the world and exceeding people’s expectations and above societal standards. But, some of those insecurities may always be there.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned so far in your young and bright career?
Honestly, just going with my gut and remaining as absolutely authentic to who I am. It’s really easy to be influenced by other people, other artists, publishers, labels, anybody really and I think the best thing I’ve learned so far is to trust my instincts and allow myself to grow.

Are you currently working on a full-length follow up to “Used To It” and “Girl Who Cried Wolf”?
Absolutely! I’m working on my first EP. I don’t have a release date just yet. But, it’s coming out this year and I’m so excited. It’s pretty much already written. Now, we’re just prepping and fine-tuning it…and doing the back work behind it. A single is just one facet or one angle of an artist. But, I feel like the EP is a 360-view of my music and provides a better picture of who I am as an artist.

Check out the video for Ashe’s latest single “Girl Who Cried Wolf” below and catch her in support of Lauv at The Parish on Jan. 30th. Tickets can be found here.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Dates with Lauv = ^
1/30/18 Austin, TX @ Parish^
1/31/18 Dallas, TX @ House of Blues Cambridge Room^
2/01/18 Houston, TX @ House of Blues Bronze Peacock^
2/03/18 Atlanta, GA @ Terminal West^
2/06/18 Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club^
2/08/18 New York, NY @ Irving Plaza^
2/09/18 Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall^
2/10/18 Philadelphia, PA @ The Foundry^
2/12/18 Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground Showcase^

Feature Photo Credit: Dana Trippe

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